You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


3. truth or dare


There were faint mumbles amongst the five boys.

" Ok why the fuck did my mom, really leave you hear?" I called out.

" Wow! Naughty language you should stop but i like it!" The mop of curls called out.
" Oh you know what else is naughty!" I smirked 

" What love? " The rest of the boys looked uncomfortable while MR. mop over here kept smirking

" That one of my body parts can go somewhere special!" I smirk out pulling the frown.

" I really like the sound of that, you should lead the way to the bedroom." He licked his lips
" Why if i can just do it here!" I said with an annoyed smirk.

I lifted my foot back and kicked him right in the balls.

" I hope you like my special body part going to your special body part." I laughed 

" Omg your our new best girl friend " Both of the blue eyed beauty's said in union 
The two boys jumped on me with wide arms for a hug. After two second I pushed them away. 

"I'm sorry i don't do hugs." i rejoiced to the boys.

"Who doesn't do hugs?" The black hair boy said.

"Me!" I rolled my eyes.

" well we'll have to see about that." Liam said with a laugh.
His laugh was so beautiful It's th- 
wait what the fuck am I saying. 

"Getting back on track." A thick Irish accent said with a chuckle.

" so why did my mom and simon leave you here?" 

"well when they come back we have to show simon something and he's gonna be here"

" also, we needed a place to stay thats in a private place." 

"we are going to be family cause simon's our uncle and he might marry your mom" 

all of the boys scrambled out the answer looking nervous.

"ok! well I don't care anymore. I'll just call my girls over we'll have sleep over up stairs and you boys have down stairs"


I opened the door to my girls Nina El , alondra, and Alood.

"Hey girls!" I smiled at them 

"Hey ! Cassey, we got the pizza but why five boxes." The girls laughed 

I told them the story and what happened. Also showed them the rules and they were ok with it! 

" If my mom comes over ad sees that I'm with a boy oh damn." Alood laughed.

"Boys come up dinner is here" I yell from the basement door.

I introduce the boys and girls back and forth. 

We begin to eat our dinner hot wings, pizza, bread sticks, and fries.

When we are half way done with the food the black hair lad suggest that we make a circle and we all introduce our selfs proper. 

I agreed because i don't want to be in a house full of serial killers.


After we cleaned our mess of the food we all sat down in a circle.

one of the boys went first 

Zayn- well my names Zayn
and I love to sing and love drawing I'm very vain and laid back just enjoy the roller coster that life is. 

Nina- well my names nina and I like drawing to thats why i have somewhat alittle tattoos. I also cant go an hour without looking at myself cause i have to present myself to the world perfectly and be myself very laid back.

Niall- Hey meh name is Niall! Im irish and i love to eat and i love chicken and beer ! And mullingar rules plus my guitar is life.

Alondra- well I love eating and thats basically it and sleeping and oh having laughs and yupp pretty much it and I've never shared food with my bestfriend Cassey so don't ask me to share because i wont.

Louis - I'm old but still intend to be a 3 year old ! i love laughs and shopping and singing and these mates are my life and i have like 6 sisters! 

El - well my names el. I'm just silly tbh i really don't care about whats going on and I'm always pulling a trick!

Harry- well my names harry ! I use to be a baker and i love singing with these mates and im very cheeky and romantic all the time and kinda protective of the boys even if I'm the youngest!

Alood- well my names alood and i love to do nails and just be around my friend and I'm always her to share the love and I'm kinda cheeky and dirty minded when you get to know me! 

once Liam spoke all my attention was on him he's the star 

Liam- Hiii my names Liam ! and I'm just a big giant teddy bear haha that love toy story and being around friends and i love to sing with the mates! 

It was my turn and i felt liam stare into my heart 

Cassy- my names cassey and i just like to do make up and hair thats what i study in collage! um im not really a people person so idk what to say, i like to cook and watch movies. 

After everyone went we just asked questions about collage and life our families. 

Until the subject changed to rebel stories and stuff that we did back at home and i was fine laughing along .

Until Niall popped up and said " What about a good game of truth or dare" 

" no " I recalled back 

" come on cassey lighten up " the girls laughed.

It really didnt bug me until i heard him speak up.

" what afraid your gonna get hugged again love" he smirked while laughing back 

I looked back

"fine, Liam let's play" 

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