You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


10. somebody stole your Business

Heyy guys so I tried to put my trailer 💍💍but

it's not working so hers the link

I hope you guys like it I did it

But comment because we got over 200 reads and if any of you want to make me a nice trailer ease do ily byee💖💖


We've been on this plan for fucking 14 hours my legs were cramped up the snores are getting too much that my headache was pounding on top of my head I really wish this flight end already I sigh as I am leaning back in my chair.

I get up to use the bathroom as I make my way down the small of the plane.

I splash Coldwater on my face while I wash my hands. after I'm done using the bathroom, as I get out I'm encountered with brown orbs.

"Liam, I thought you were sleeping? Did you have a good nap? We have been on this fucking goddamn plane for 14 hours do you know when this is going to end? I look into his brown eyes.

"I was cold and then I realize you aren't laying next to me so I got up to go see what you were doing and we should be getting off in about an hour." Liam said checking his watch smiling at me.

"So tell me a little more about this house? Is it small? How many rooms? What are the beaches next to it." I ask quickly to Liam.

He chuckles a little while going to hug me "You'll see".

"Well Liam if you didn't see I already told you I don't really do hugs." I smirk going back to the sleeping area.

As the flight attendants finished giving us our breakfast a phone rang.

"Ah ah"

"but yeah okay how"

"why what five"

"you have to be kidding me"

"fine I'll tell them"

"Well um change of plans I guess something happened with the house" Said Liam

"So the new house that we're staying at only has five bedrooms, that mean we have to share each room yeah,

that means one boy and one girl going to be sharing a room because the rooms are different." Liam kept going

"they're custom-made for each person so I hope that isn't a problem." Liam sighed

"No not really we already broke that rule a long time ago."



As we got off the plane I kept an intense stare on Cassey. It was just something about her that brought me to her.

She had the perfect nice hair that flows Nice brown but hazel eyes.

She's just beautiful the way that she held up her guard and thought she was tough.

But really all she needed was a hug if she does hugs

And so far I think I wasn't the only one Niall shared food with Alondra but never me and I'm his best friend.

Harry fucked Alood the second day they meet and is still talking to her.

Zayn drew a picture of Nina and actually showed her the picture. They draw together Zayn draws with no one it's his little escape.

Lou he does pranks with El and he never pranks her, Lou pranks everyone. He talks about forever with her to us, Lou hates little flings he likes long relationships.

And through the mist of this all I knew we had to tell the girls.



We stayed at a hotel for one k. While we arranged the custom made rooms.

As I got up the next I decided to go make so breakfast go me Niall.

As I'm cooking j start to think of the boy's and how they thought we were idiots and were not.

They thought that we were never going to find out, which just made me think even more.

I'm not going to lie their songs were pretty good especially the songs that

they haven't published yet I forgot the title of it but it was something like

Everybody wants to steal my girl.

I started to him the song out loud and stuff it was such a cool beat I loved it until I turned around to be faced with a puzzled looking boys.

Ready to ask me a million questions and I didn't know what to do.

" So what are they trying to steal"

"My food "

"Everybody wanna steal my food haaha"

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