You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


4. more like 7 minutes in hell


As we all gather around in a circle we figure out a way who's gonna go first.

"I have an idea!" Alood says smiling. 

"Ok, give it to us." Harry says with a smirk.

I almost gag.

"Well, we can get a dice from a board game! Then we each roll the dice and what ever number there is thats our number." Alood recalls 

"So only one person per number and were going up to ten because thats how much people there are right." Liam asked.

"yup that's how it works." I say while Liam looks A little surprised that i talked.

"Ok and the highest number go's first and then you roll the dice and the number you get is the person you ask." Alondra says while eating another piece of pizza.

"Ok! Guy's let's get this show on the road!" lou laughed

We all rolled the dice.

Alood- 10

Harry- 7 

Nina- 3

Zayn- 6 

El- 8 

Lou- 1 

Alondra- 9

Niall- 2 

Cassey- 5

Liam- 4 

After we all got our numbers Alood had to go first which she rolled a 5.

which meant Alood had to ask me! 

"Oh and guy's we are playing dirty truth or dare so." Lou and harry smirked.

"omg yess! Hold up I have something!" El said as she ran for her bag.

I knew this would not end well.

"Ok i found it! It's a booklet that we use in collage that has dares ad truths and stuff when we go to parties!"

Alood takes the booklet and starts flipping through until she laughs then she got it.

"Also Cassey don't be a party pooper pick dare for once!" Nina laughs.

"Fine! dare." I gritt through my teeth.

"Ok i dark you to suck my toe." Alood laugh taking of her sock.

"WHAT!" I scream 

I fell like I'm going to puke.

"just do it Cassey." Zayn laughs out loud.


I go down on her toe. 

And you guys probably know the rest. 

after I'm done i literally almost puke.

"Babe that's how your gonna feel tonight!" Harry laughs

"Alood, I literally tasted your 50 pounds of nail polish!"

ok mine turn to roll the dice and to my surprise i get harry 

"I got harry, Now harry truth or dare." I smirk

"Umm, I pick Dare! I never turn it down" Harry squinted his eyes down.

I flip through the book and get this devious smile.

"Ok! I got one. I dare you Harry to Switch panties with Alood! so Alood has to wear your boxers for the whole game and same for you!" 

"Ayye! Cassey good one babe!" Zayn called 

" Oh styles you better hope and pray that shes not wearing a thong!" Liam laughed 

"To, late!" Alood blushes.

When harry and Alood come from out of the closet everyone started to laugh. 

" Wow harry i really love your Victoria secret thong!" Alondra laughs.

After another few round 

It was lou's turn. I wasn't paying attention until lou called out.

"Liam I dare you to do 7 minutes of heaven with Cassey!" 


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