You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


1. Miracle

When I was 1 my dad left and never showed up my mum cried for days weeks months and years she still cry when things get hard . 

We thought that nothing was going to get better . We were praying on god to help us get a miracle . My mum always prays but nothing happens until a year and a half ago.




I felt the spring wind hit my face i walk out of uni with my 150 pound luggage that i had just loaded into my car. 

" see you at graduation babe." My boyfriend chad gave a peck at my cheek.

I saw him wipe his lips when he thought

i wasn't looking.

"yeah i'll see you later chad." I shot back at him clearly annoyed. 

i just wanted to get to my childhood home and see my mom I missed her so much you have no idea. 


After and hour an a half long drive i beeped the horn for my mother to come out of the house.

But to my surprise a man and my mother came out of the house! 

"hello mother." I put in a questioning tone telling her to tell me whats going on. 

"Hello daughter!" my mom smiled back scanning the man to her right.

"ok well, Cassey this is my boy friend Simon. And Simon this is my daughter Cassey!" my mom smiled even though we both  knew she was nervous.      

I was shocked but anything for my mom she was like the only thing i could ever count on. 

" Hello, Simon this is so great to meet you !" I smiled my mom's smile was so bright she seemed so happy for once! 

"Awwe this is my pleasure Cassey, let me get those bags for you!" 

He grabbed my luggage and pulled it into my room.

My mom eyed me while smiling and she mouthed " Gentleman ".


I just finished setting the table when i got a text from chad.

6:18pm   4/2/15

heyddv babve youve lookeddg
sosa hawwtt tday.

Chad was drunk i can already tell ugh he make me want to vomit. sometimes i don't know if our feelings are true.

" um Cassey , reading to join for dinner " my mom chirped 

" of course mom ! you made my favorite "  I smiled back 

It was very nice to catch up with my mom, Simon didn't say a word he knew we needed time and they talked about their relationships and it was wonderful my mom was truly happy!

A little late into the dinner my mom chirped up 
"Cassey i have to tell you something "

" mom tell me your not pregers yay new siblings!" i screamed 

"woah ! woah ! woah !" Simons eyes popped out of socket ! 

" ill love to have a baby with your mom but shes not ready neither am i so she's fine. " Simon recalled 

" Ok, well i'll only be with you the first two weeks of vaction and the last to weeks the graduation i might be back in the middle idk " i my just emptied  everything onto me!

"This is a business trip love I'm sorry!" my mom seemed sad 

" Um, cant you cancel" i snapped.

" Im afraid not if i do t get it we cant pay no more for you collage tuition" my mom looked away

We didn't have manny conversations that night either but i don't know how this call cane down on me!
This is not a miracle!  


Ok guys i wrote this book a year or two tears ago and then i lost interest so i stopped ! 

but when i found my password and saw this book had more views then any other i had to fix it up just for you guys ! 💕

•made the chapters longer
• more organized 
• here for my fans so thanks 

follow me !! 

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hope you enjoy!!! 








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