You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


9. but you have to come

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They got up like it was nothing and went upstairs to pack.

The girls not so much.

"Umm, excuse me our parents didn't say we can go with you." Alondra said

"She's right Cassey." Nina replied looking at Alood

"Yea, your right Nina. As much as I want to fuck Harry again. We have to go home." Alood said with a pouty face

"Well girls, as you can see here I have a signature of your parents saying you have to go with me." Paul said while showing us the signatures

"How did yo-" Alood tried to respond

"Very simple I contacted your parents through Cassey's parents, They all agreed that this would be the best." Paul said with a tone in his voice

"So I guess we have to go pack right?" I said looking at the girls.

"Paul were are we going again?" Trying to motivate the girls.

"Well were going to a man made island Simon rented it out for us." El and Nina started running upstairs.

"It's super hot their I remember harry never having his shirt on! Good times" Alood starts to run for the stairs.

"Really Paul?" I asked telling him to go on.

"Yeah Niall has a chicken wing vending machine in his room you get to pick how you want your rooms!" Alondra started running up the stairs.

Me and Paul started laughing.

"Hurry up kid! Go pack!" Paul pushed me.

When i went up the stairs it was chaos!

The Girls screaming for their make up and what shoes to wear.

The boys whispering to make sure they don't forget vital information.

I had to stop the Girl's from going crazy.

"Alood?" I looked toward her suitcase

"yeah" She remarked

"You hold all of our shoes in your suit case and carry on bag and Nina will do the same."

"Alondra you hold all of Alood's, yours, and some of Nina's clothes in your suitcase and carry on."

"El you do the same as Alondra, you hold all of yours and mine and the rest of Nina's in your suitcase and carry on"

"And I will hold all our body washes, bath bombs, our little scrubys and makeup and hair stuff! Basically cosmetics!" I breath out the whole plan.

They all looked at me and smile with an "okay".

I walked past Liam and he kinda looks nervous.

I went up to his ear,

"You better have a good explanation for all this Payne"

He had a surprised look that I knew his last name.

Shit. He probably knew the us girls did something to figure it out.

By the time all of us went down stairs with our suitcases and stuff Paul was passed out on the couch in a good nap.

"PAUL WAKE UP NOW!" El screamed laugh with all of us.

"What-wha-Oh yeah you guys are finally ready. Come on lets get into the car."

When we were all packed in the car, we just made small chit chat.

We did really want to talk much it was very awkward since we knew who they were and they pretended they didn't.

When we were in the airport Thousand of girls came running. The boys looked at Paul and we all started to run to our private plane area.

Their was no way in hell we were going to do a public plan

all those girls would just try to get us.

As we were running Niall's shirt, Alondra's extra food, my sunglasses, Liam's flannel, Harry's Beanie, Alood's scarf, Zayn's snapback, Nina's coloring purse, Lou's vans, and El's shoe got ripped from our grip by nearby girl's!

By the time we made it on the plane us girls were asking Why the girls were chasing us hoping to tell us their famous.

"Oh Paul is a famous bodyguard he's one of the best that's why" The boys replied as Paul rolled his eye's.

Paul knew that we knew that they were one direction.

Me and the girls eye them until a flight attender came in.

"Oh One direction! Boys how are you I haven't seen you since to flew to Madison square garden! how's the millions of fan's? Any ne-!"

"shh Beatrice, come one shhh" The boys kept saying since she was talking.

Alood was the one to cover them up.

"Yeah beatrice, their only youtuber's nothing special." Alood said smiling with a smirk to the boys.

"Or am I wrong harry?" Alood said trying to pry it out of him.

"No seems about right" Liam budged in.

"oh you girls don't know about the boy's their-" Beatrice tried to get out.

"Up Beatrice let's go get soda for all of us and food were starving!" Zayn wiped his forehead and got up.

"Haha Beatrice is very funny, what's a one direction anyway?" Alondra laughed while me and the girls giggled at our inside joke.


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