You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


11. Boys are just meanies

Hey Guys 💖😒

So as we know Zayn left and it's horrible but we will all get throught this together and ily all! So comment how you feel about this whole Zayn shit I think it's sorta fishy! But comment good mementoes with Zayn and stuff!!

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Let's get on with the story shall wee!🗿

Ps. I did like 5 POV'S for you guys so you welcome💖💖😻


As we walked into our house we went to go explore our rooms.

As I was walking around the bottom area of the living room alondra whispered in my ear " find a secret place girl meeting".

I looked at her with a confused look, but just followed her orders cause girl meeting means serious stuff.

I was going to ask her why she wanted to but the boys were surrounding her like hot on her trail.

As I went upstairs I notice that in mine and Harry's room have a tall statute and in its hand it's holding condoms and I snort.

As harry comes into my room Id try to talk to him but he keeps ignoring me.

"Harry look at these condoms." I smirk "didn't you want to do something." I say while touching his shirt.

"Alood get the fuck off of me, once you know how to mind your own business then maybe we could fuck." Harry stared at me as he walked out into the hallway.

I felt crushed, not because of him not wanting to have sex because if he didn't want to have sex we just would've cuddled.

It felt as if he didn't want me I wasn't good enough for him. And I just realized now that Harry styles dropped me like he did when he only wanted a one night stand and I couldn't take it.

I loved him.



I was so glad to be in this big house me and Lou were known as the pranksters and with this big house we could do any prank in the book.

Me and Lou's room was the coolest ever we had our own little arcade and it has spray paint and rope and other cool stuff to us for a prank.

As I was putting my clothes away I was thinking what prank we should do next.

All this prank talk was getting exciting.

When Lou cam into the room I decided to tell him about the pranks.

"Hey, Lou guess what, I got an idea for a pran-" I was cut off

"El shut the fuck up about pranks were done with those"

This hurt a lot I don't know why he was acting like this.

"Lou just talk to me pleases."

"Fine El I'll talk to you" his eyes softened

As we sat down he looked at me and got up " haha so you actually thought I would talk to you this is a prank"

"Just like you really knowing how to mind your business was a prank to."

He walked out of the room with not one word. I have just got pranked by Lou and I don't know what to do.

He never pranked me we were pranks buddies, and some how I was sad Lou was dropping me like we dropped that stink bomb in Niall's and Alondra's room.

I loved him.



When I walked into the room I loved it we had a stove and a refrigerator and a chicken wing dispenser with a Sauce rack.

It was all a girl who dreamed about Niall and pizza could wish for.

Niall would really this room I couldn't wait to show him everything I have to thank him sometime.

As if on que Niall came into the room eating chicken nuggets.

"hey Niall would you mind if I get one of those chicken nugget." As I go to reach for one he pushes my hand away.

"Alondra God don't touch my fucking food, ever again I don't share with you anymore." He spat to me

I don't know what I did.

"Nia-" I call. "Alondra once you know how to mind your business then maybe we can share food again." Niall curse through his mouth as he walked into the hallway.

This hurt so much Niall always shared with me. and now I just notice Niall Horan was dropping me

But I loved him.



The house was perfect well my room was perfect.

It was a room fit for an artist, it had a whole wall full of different paints, brushes, fabric paint, everything you can imagine.

All the dressers and walls were white so we could paint on them, even the bed sheets it was absolutely amazing.

I couldn't wait for Zayn to see all this stuff, this is what we're gonna be doing everyday.

When Zayn walked in the room he didn't look at me which was kind of weird.

"So Zayn when we're done unpacking do you wanna color in our bed sheets." I laugh to him.

He grunts " Nina I don't want to draw color or do anything with you,maybe you should draw a picture of you minding your business- oops wait you can't do that."

Zayn turned on his heel and ran into the hall way, Zayn always wants to draw with me it's how we connected together.

It felt even worse cause

I love him.



Mine and Liam's room was perfect, I had my make up station and everything.

Liam had a batman suit with his skate boards and surf boards it was just perfect.

I always wanted to learn how to surf so when Liam came in I asked him if he could teach me.

"Hey Liam you mind teaching me how to surf board sometime" I asked giggling.

"Cassey please leave me alone I think best thing for you to learn is to mind your fucking business." Liam pouted and left into the hallway.

And this is way i don't do hugs.

As soon as Liam left all the girls came into my room telling a girl meeting.

We finally found a detect spit it was a cabinet in my closet the was big enough for all of us to fit in it sitting down and the funny thing was it was hidden.

"So girls what did you want to talk about." I asked them.

They all told me their stories of how the boys were being mean and shit.

Then Alondra told me how she was singing steal my girl the song they were gonna publish, but they didn't do it yet and niall caught her.

And that's why there were being mean probably.

As we got of our hiding space Alondra was hungry so we went downstairs to get a whole bunch of food.

While we were gonna go back upstairs with our chips and soda and stuff the boys stopped us.

"Girls?" The boys said as we turned and rolled out eyes.

"Yes?" I said back

"Us boys have a secret to tell you." Liam rolled his eyes

"Really you do wow this is exciting or maybe we shouldn't know cause you know we have to mind our business." Cassey sass back.

"Your right Cassey but they can tell us the secret it's not like their the worlds biggest boyband or anything." Alondra laughs with bitter in here tone.

"Actually we are, we all five are in a band called one direction." Harry said

( not Zayn but- too soon ? )

"Really we had not clue." El smirked

"Oh we thought you did seeming you girls never mind your business." Zayn whispered.

"What was that Zayn, or maybe I should mind my business." Nina blurted out to Zayn.

"Oh wait you girls know how to mind your business, what a shocker!" Lou defended his best mate.

"Actually we know how to hit little boys in the balls too." Alondra sassed right make to Lou.

"Yeah you could ask harry when I hit him the balls crying like a little boy." I laughed while smirking.

"Maybe you never should have looked through our stuff ." Harry screamed.

"Well maybe you should have told us in the first place." I screamed back.

"I got attacked by screaming girls calling me a whore because I went and bought pizza with the Zayn Malik." Nina cried.

"I had 2000 followers on Instagram of my friends and now I almost have 25k and all they comment is kill your self or your too ugly to be with the Harry Styles." Alood cried

" I got my 100$ pair of sunglasses ripped off my face and pictures tweeted to me everyday about how I should be ripped apart like the sunglasses, I broke up with my 2 year long boyfriend because of five boys I meet 3 weeks ago." I cried

"Paparazzi follows me everywhere I go to get you guys food, you wanted to be famous not me." el cried running up stairs.

"I shared food with you my special chicken for the very first time in my life and you do this to me." Alondra screamed at Niall.

Once realization hit the boys they tried to apologize but I wasn't feeling it.

"Cassey, I'm sorry I did-." liam tried to finish.

" Well now you know or do you want us to keep minding our own business." I sobbed.

"Alondra-." Nial tried to grab her arm.

"Don't fucking touch me." Alondra screamed smacking the chicken nuggets out of Niall's hand.

Niall looked hurt, the Alondra he knew would never throw away perfectly good food especially chicken.

As me and Alondra ran upstairs to our hiding spots I asked her,

"Alondra, why are you still crying?"

"Cassey those chicken nuggets they didn't deserve that Niall did."

I giggled at Alondra loving food as always.

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