You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


5. 7 minutes in hell part 2


"What um i cant do this. Sorry i chicken out leave Me alone! no!" I look uneasy at Liam.

"Yes you are!" Alood and Alondraa pull me an Liam in the closet.

once were in the closet and the door is locked, we literally stare at the ground for 2 minutes.

"Unless you guys are getting naked." Alondra laughed.

"Or his dick is small and you can't feel that shit." Alood mumbles. 

"Then we should hear them moans bitch." harry chuckles 

" Liam we've seen that dick and its big. so idk know why we don't hear her?" Zayn and nina laugh

Liam started to move closer and closer towards me.

"What, um, are you doing." I asked nervously moving to the corner.

"You'll see!" Liam smirked

"But wait Li-." i tried to get out 

Be jumped on top of me hugging me.

"ahhh, what are you trying to ughh stopp!' scream 

" Their finally fucking!" Alood said squealing.

"Hit that G-spot Liam!" Alondra screamed laughing



After 30 minute of me struggling liam let me go.

"finally! Thanks for letting me go almost after an hour!" I yell at liam while he laughs 

"shut up by the end i the time we are here you will do hugs!" Liam says still laughing.

"Whatever, let's just get out please thanks." i say towards Liam.

Me and Liam make our wag out to the kitchen to see something we'd never thought we would live to see!

"What the fuck your sharing food! with niall!" Me and Liam scream 

"With alondra!" Liam scream

"oh no it was just nothing!" Niall scrambles while throwing the pizza on the floor.

" yeah we had our own box see lou is about to give me my box!" Alondra lies so bad

As if on cue Lou laughs and places her box down on the corner of the table.

I swear i heard Liam say he was up to something but idk.

El walks in with Oreos in her hand and tells Niall she saved some for him.

Once Alondra and Niall took a bite of their food, they look af each other and scream " EWWW WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO OUR POOR FOOD" 

All you hear is el and lou laughing running in the kitchen.

" did you guys do this!" Niall ask making his way to get a water bottle for him and Alondra.

"Oh i Put a hot pepper under the pizza cheese!" Lou laughed 

" you did! omg score i put tooth paste in the oreo's!" El laughed along with Lou.

"WHAT THE FUCK! WHO PUT VINEGAR AS OUR WATER!" Niall and Alondra screamed almost choking to death.

"Me!" Both Lou and El said with a laugh.

"Wait i did Niall's water bottle, so that means you did Alondra!" El said looking at Lou with all eyes 

"Isn't it funny were like an OTP haha with pranks" Lou smiles.


Me ad liam make our way up the stairs until we heard giggling. 

"Wtf is that." Liam said opening up the guest room.

Just to mg surprise! Harry and Alood were their Naked! Holding towels around their bodies.

" What in the world is this now." I scream at Harry and Alood

"Oh fuck Cassey im sorry we just decided to have fun while you and liam had fun." Alood smirked with a sorry look in her eyes 


"Omg what did you guys do!" Liam look shocked

"Haha bud we went in the pool naked." Harry smirked 

" It was so fun to be honest cassey." Alood smiled 

" your mother would not be proud!" I laughed at her 

" All i know was that i was proud of that body babe it was fit! when i mean fit! I'm mean firm an-" Harry tried to get out 

" Yall are nasty" Liam says 

" sorry liam she likes this tongue." Harry laughs 

" Goodbye I'm out of this conversation! i feel that your gonna start making out again!" I literally try not to vomit 

" Awwe how did you know!" Alood and Harry said as Alood got on top of Harry 

"Ok! enough of that!" Liam closes the door.

"Ok let's cheek up on Zayn and Nina!" I smile 

When we open the door we see colored pencils and paints and spray paints and all sorts of drawing stuff on the floor.

But when we look to the couch we see Zayn and Nina fast asleep cuddling.

When me and Liam walk over we see the drawings they did of each other.

Relationship Goals!

"It looks like all the boys found their partners in crime for the next month and a half." Liam said.

"yeah! They are all doing something!" I smile because I'm happy for my friends!

"maybe we could do something to" Liam smirks 

"Really MR. Liam " I frown 

"What i only wanted a hug since you don't do them!" Liam smirked 

" keep on dreaming payno!" I screamed


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