You don't fall in love with the babysitters !

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked with a smirk on his face.

Damn, he just caught me falling in with the baby sitter !


2. 5 crazy suprises

The days with my mom passed simon was nice enough not to see her for this whole two weeks so just me and her can spend time together. 

Chad still would text me drunk or naked and i wasn't very interested.

I pushed off the couch to go talk to my mom. 

me: mom so when are you leaving!

mom: in two more days why?

me: because i just don't want to be left alone?

mom: i understand honey but your 19 about to turn 20 in a couple of months. 

me: I know but i'll just miss you! 

mom: I'll see what i can do. 
ok hun?

me: yea mom 

mom: so honey what do you want to do today 

me : um i don't i guess i can help you pack then we can cuddle before you leave tomorrow! 

Me and my mom started to pack all her clothes. where she was going was very warm. where is she going ! 

"Mom where are you going for the business trip." i asked curious 

" oh i almost forgot, we are going to LA."  My mom smiled 

" What the fuck mom that's all the way in america." i looked at her crazy laughing.

" I know Cassey , and watch your mouth you g lady." She laughed back at me.



Today was the day my mother was leaving.

I had this lump in my throat, i was going to miss her so much. It felt like i just got to see her and now she's leaving me already.

I heard the door bell ring, which means it must be simon.

" honey, can you get that." My mom called out probably finishing her makeup for her new 
B-O-Y-F-R-I-E-N-D ! 

" Fine I'll get it mom."  I called kinda sad.

When i opened the door i was surprise to see five young lads waiting for the answer. 

They were all very handsome.
One had light blue eyes and blonde hair, another had blue eyes and brown hair wearing a lot of van items.

The next two, one had black hair with the highest quiff ever, finally the last one had emerald green eyes and a mop of curls.

When i looked past them i saw another one with simon.
He's the one that caught my eye.

He had brown hair, brown eyes 
the cutest smile and omg don't ev- 

" Hey, are you done checkin out our friend Liam here." The one with blue eyes and brown hair remarked. 

so Liam is his name.

" Lou, you can't just say that." Said the one with my mop hair of curls. 

Before i could even talk my mom came down and told them to take a seat.



I was still trying to figure out why these 5 boys were in my house they kinda looked familiar.

" So, sweetie i know you didn't want to be alone. So simon brought 5 of his nephews."  My mom smiled hoping i would be happy.

" Yeah, thanks mom!"  I gritted through my teeth.

" I also know you don't want to be stuck in the house with 5 boys so only 4 of you girl friends can come over." My mom looked worried now.

" Now for the rules " My mom called out.

My mom handed us all a paper with the rules on it 

2.) only you ten people in the house ( 5 boys and 5 girls) 
3.) Mrs.Hudson will check on you every two days at 10 
4.) boys sleep down stairs in the living room , guest room and basement.
5.) Girls sleep up stairs in Cassey's  room, my room and the office. 
6.) if any emergence call  Paul  
7.) you have to sleep in this house you guys can come back no later then 1 am but check in with 
Mrs. Hudson.
8.) If any emergencies happen to the boys ( they know what they are ) then go to Paul
9.) i want the house clean when i come back 
10.) i will be back in 1 month and some change.

My mom made sure everyone understands  the rules.

when her and simon hugged everyone goodbye. 

She whispered me over,

" Hey, I don't know if this is a good idea maybe i should stay home and not leave you with boys that ate strangers simon said their good bu-." My mom said sorrily 

" You already made up your mind, bye! " i slammed the door right in her face.

I looked around the room to see all the boys eyes on me. 

This was totally not a 


Heyy guys ! 

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