A Dream

When coming out of the shower April's life couldnt get any better. Why was Harry near her house she will never know but she goes through problems and ends up with the love of her life.


1. The Meeting

"April wake up, it's 5:50!" my mom said this morning which was way to early. 

"i'm awake!" 

i'm awake now so why not just get up. As I was coming out of the shower and getting on my new bra and under-wear, there was a knock on the back door. 

"Seriously at 6 in the morning Julissa?" 

Julissa got her hair straightened for a week but it wasn't Julissa. It was a guy with curly hair and a grin on his face. Harry Styles?" I said while opening the door. 

"And may I ask who you are love?"

"April, co-owner of this bathroom" I said in a smile. 

"May i come in love ?" 

"I'm going to get dressed but come in." 

As i was getting dressed i could feel him looking at my chest to my toes. 

"So what are you doing jumping over people's walls at 6 in the morning?" i said to him quietly. 

"Well, i was looking for a place to hide out for a while." 

"I have to go to school but i will be happy to stay and keep you company plus my mum will need an explanation of why you are in her flat." 

Harry's POV 

I didn't know what to say to that she was so beautiful with her long brown hair and blue eyes. Her mum would be waking up soon and we were on the sofa watching SpngeBob. 

"Do you think your mum will be angry will you love?" 

"I really don't know what she will say" she said. 

"How about we start her out with breakfast and flowers?" 

"That would be nice." 

We went to the store and got chased by the paps on the way back to the car. We went to the store and made breakfast just in time. 

Mum's POV 

"April, what are you still doing home?"

"We decided to make you breakfast, me and Harry." she said as Harry guided me to a table filled with thing to eat. I really didn't know what to say to them. How long has he been here? Why isn't my daughter in school? 

"So Harry, how did you get here from wherever you came?" 

"Actually i had the paps on my tail and I had to hide out for a while, if that's okay with you?"

"that's fine."


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