A Dream

When coming out of the shower April's life couldnt get any better. Why was Harry near her house she will never know but she goes through problems and ends up with the love of her life.


2. Getting Closer

April's POV

Please don't tell her how we just me i was thinking as i looked over at Harry. he was really cute with his dimples and his curls. Since i wasn't going to school i got up and headed up stairs to my room to find that Harry was following me. 

"Where are you going love?" he asked in the calmest voice hugging me from my waist from behind.

"I'm going to change out of my uniform if i am going to spend my day with you" i said laughing as he started to tickle me. As i was getting dressed i heard Harry and mum talking. 

"May i take your daughter out tomorrow night?" 

i cant believe i am going out with Harry Styles tomorrow night for my birthday. But where? i need to call Julissa. 


Harry's POV 

I'd figure i would ask April's mum to take her daughter out for her 18th birthday. i am going to introduce her to all the mates at the club where i am going to take her tomorrow night. i need to ask her first though. She was still in her room, should i go in there? i Knocked before going in and she was on the phone and looked upset like she was going to cry. 

"What's up love"

"i just found out that i didn't get accepted into the university of my dreams" she said starting to cry as i held her. 

"So to get your mind off things i would like to take you out tomorrow, for your birthday?"

"How did you find out about my birthday?" she asked surprised. 

"your mum." 


April's POV 

Tonight i am going out with Harry I thought while dreaming before being woken up by a kiss on the cheek. 

"Happy birthday beautiful  he said before kissing me. when we kissed i felt sparks. He was so amaing and as i ran my fingers through his hair he moaned. 

"Why do you do that?" he said as my mom walked in ruining the moment. 

"im sorry did i just ruin something?" she said with a smirk on her face. My mum is going out of town tonight for a week which means i will be home alone. Maybe.

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