You're Mine....Remember that

Georgia is an 18 year old teenager who just finds out her one and only cheated on her. She repeats to herself "Will I ever love again? No. I am not risking my heart being broken again" She feels like a freak. But after one door closes another one opens, her big brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous Boy Band One Direction.
Georgia secretly has a crush on one of the boys. Will this crush become anything more? What will happen if it does?


10. Truth or dare??

Georgia's POV: 

"Truth or Dare??" He asked as he leaned over the table. "Um? Ah? Truth? Yeah truth!" He smiled and looked down then up to the roof trying to think of something. Eventually he looked down and smiled "How long have you had a crush on me for??" My face went red again. "Um well.... Do you really wanna know that??" I asked. "Yes" "Ah okay.... Since you were put into one direction..... Like when you guys came running out and all to say that you got in and I saw you..... that was when I really liked you and I bugged Louis like all the time to get all of your information." I said laughing as I remembered it. "So you were fan girling over me before I was even famous??" "I wouldn't call it 'Fan girling' I would call it as a HUGE crush." I said as I looked at him. He had a smirk on his face the entire time. "Okay enough of me TIME FOR YOU!" I said. He laughed as I said that with my eyes growing bigger and bigger. "So?? Styles? Truth or Dare??" "Truth" He said I looked up and pulled my thinking face and then looked down. "I got it!" I said shooting my head up. "Wh-" "Here is your order!" I was cut off  by the waitress. "Oh thanks love!" Harry said. "Thank you!" I said. I lifted off the lid on top of our plates. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Ah H-H-H-Harry?!?! We are having snails?!?!" I asked. He grabbed the menu and had a look at it. "OH! ha ha We read the wrong thing!" He said. I was starting to feel a bit sick from the thought of me and Harry eating snails. "Oh! Georgia! Are you okay??? Your all pale!" He said lifting my chin so he could take my focus off the snails. "Oh I am ah I am fine!" I said faking a smile. "Georgia. You are lying! I know it! C'mon lets go some where else. I can tell you are sick over those snails." He said in a soothing voice. "Okay..." I said feeling really rood for making us go somewhere else. Harry grabbed his coat off the chair and walked me over to the cash register and paid and then walked over to the car. I opened the door and then hoped in. "Harry I am so sorry!" I said as I shut the door. "Why are you sorry?" He asked. "It isn't your fault that you can't stand snails! C'mon cheer up! I know where we can go! And it is only 7:30 So we can go anywhere!!" He said. I still felt like a complete idiot for wreaking our first date. Harry started the car and drove off.

"Okay! Can I have one bag of hot chips please?" Harry said to the woman at the cash register. She nodded and replied "Yup!" Harry grabbed his wallet but I stooped him. I know that it is completely odd for me to stop a guy from paying on a date but I felt bad from earlier. "Here you are! And could we have 2 cans of Pepsi please?" I said handing her the the money. "Okay here you go and there is your change enjoy!" She smiled. I smiled back and grabbed the food and harry took the drinks and headed over to the middle of the park. "Georgia I need to pay you back! Here!" Harry said passing me some money. I pushed it away. "No I wanna pay! You can't pay for everything! I don't wanna make you broke!" I laughed. He smiled and sat down. "If you say so..." I opened the chips and felt the heat on my face. I took a chip and passed them to harry. 

"Anyway back to our game. What were you asking me?" Harry asked. "Oh yeah! Okay let me think of it again..." He nodded and then I spoke. "Why do you like me?? I mean there is like 20 billion girls out there that are prettier, slimmer, beautifuler and all yet you ask me out of all those girls to go on a date with you because you really like me. Why?" I asked ."Because you are you! Your not trying to impress anybody! You go down town wearing anything and don't care what people think, you sleep with your mouth hanging open at night and wait to be tucked in by Louis before bed! You are amazing and beautiful and the girl of my dreams. Georgia that is why I love you." I was almost crying. I gave him a huge hug and I felt him kiss my forehead. I looked up and smiled. He slowly leaned in, not losing eye contact, we got closer and closer to each other until our lips were centimeters apart. Harry looked down to my lips and then back to my eyes and then smashed one on my lips. The world had drained out. I could no longer hear the sound of buses, cars and trucks passing by or planes flying over our heads, it was only Harry and me. 

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