You're Mine....Remember that

Georgia is an 18 year old teenager who just finds out her one and only cheated on her. She repeats to herself "Will I ever love again? No. I am not risking my heart being broken again" She feels like a freak. But after one door closes another one opens, her big brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous Boy Band One Direction.
Georgia secretly has a crush on one of the boys. Will this crush become anything more? What will happen if it does?


25. Talk with the boys...

Harry's POV:

Louis, Liam, Zayn and I all left. I really needed to talk to them about what has just happened. We walk together down to an empty oval with a soccer ball. "Lets play" I say. They all look at me and smile. Zayn throws the ball up and it lands on the ground. We all run to it and kick it around trying to get it in the goals while Zayn defends.

 "So what did you need to talk about Hazza?" Louis asks as he kicks the ball to me. I kick it through the goals "YESS!" I scream. "Well you know how Georgia was beaten up about a week ago?" I ask. The boys all stop playing and come over to me. "Yeah?" Louis says. "Well we both met one of those girls that beat her up on our date." Their faces go blank. "what? What happened?" Liam asks. "Well she was our waitress and well she wasn't being all that nice to Georgia. Every time she left the table she would give Georgia these death stares and then when Georgia left for the toilet..." I stop. "What happened then?!" They all ask. "Then she...k-k-kis-kissed m-m-me..." I say. Their mouths drop. "What?! The?! Hell?!" Zayn says. "Did Georgia see?" Louis asks. "Yes... That was the whole point of that 'fan' doing it. So Georgia would see it, and then she would break up with me..." I say. I look to the ground. "What did Georgia do is she alright?" Liam asks. "Well first of all she screamed 'OH MY GOD HARRY!' then stormed out. I chased after her and she let me explain. She thankfully believed me. We tried to call the police because those girls were suppose to be arrested. But they said it was to late." I say. "This is ridicules... This didn't happen to Dani or El or Perrie." Liam says. "I mean they got hate and stuff but not like this." Zayn says. "Hey what if we made a YouTube video or a twit cam about it and maybe they will stop?" Liam smiles. "We could give it a shot..." I say. We all smile and get back to our game.


Georgia's POV:
The movie ends. I smile. "Best movie ever!" Sophie states. "I know right." Niall says. "What shall we do now?" I say getting up and stretching. "We can.... um....." Niall wonders while looking around. All the sudden the door opens. "We are here!" I hear a girly voice cheap. "Perrie, we all are here not just you." I walk around to the door. "Oh hey guys come in!" I smile. Sophie walks in to where we were and almost drops dead. "L-l-little M-m-mix! OH MY GOSH!!!" She says and runs up to give them all a big hug. "Ahaha! Hi!" Perrie says. "The Dani and El will be here soon they went shopping." Leigh-Anne says to me. I let them walk in and each give them a hug. "I haven't seen you girls in ages!" I smile. "You saw me the other day!" Perrie smiles. "Not you!" I laugh. I lead them into the living room. "So whatcha been doing?" Jessie says. "Nothing just finished watching Peter Pan." I say. They all laugh. "I haven't seen that in ages!" Jade smiles. "I know what we can do!" Niall smiles. "Lets go swimming!" He says. "Niall. We don't have any swimmers." all the girls said. "We can go to that shop down the road and buy some new ones." Jade smiles. "Lets go then!" I say. I grab my purse and phone and meet the others outside. "Niall you wanna come?" Sophie asks. Niall looks up from the couch. "Nah just don't be to long! Remember I am alone!!" he smiles. We all laugh and shut the door and start walking for the shops.

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