You're Mine....Remember that

Georgia is an 18 year old teenager who just finds out her one and only cheated on her. She repeats to herself "Will I ever love again? No. I am not risking my heart being broken again" She feels like a freak. But after one door closes another one opens, her big brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous Boy Band One Direction.
Georgia secretly has a crush on one of the boys. Will this crush become anything more? What will happen if it does?


4. Revenge tastes sweet :P

Georgia's POV:

Zayn walked out of the hallway and sat down by Perrie puting his arm over his shoulder. I felt so upset that no one does that to me anymore. I stood up and ran to my room grabbing my phone. I dialed Annie's number and waited for her to pick up at the other end of the line.

"Hello??" She said I smiled.
"Hi It is the one and only Georgia!!!" I said and she laughed.
"So whats up?" she asked.
"I am ready."

"Ready for what??"


I herd her laugh into the phone. "So am I"

"I will text him back and say how could he, your an idiot yadda yadda yadda and you can call him saying YES I WILL GET REVENGE ON YOU BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID!" I said in a high pitch voice. 44

"WOW calm down! Skype me and I will call him while I am talking with you." she said.

"Alright hang on. Calling now talk soon." I said and hung up when the computer screan flashed up with her face. I smiled and waved. "Hi".



"And send!" I said. I bushed the button and then faced Annie. She was taping the screan of her phone and then put it to her ear. She put it on loud speaker.

"Hello Babe? Is that you? Listin! I am so damn stupid to do that to you. I wanted to see who I really loved and believe me. My heart IS with you." He said. I laughed and sighed under my breath "Idiot"

Annie replied. "Yeah I am here. I love you so much. I am giving you one more chance okay. But believe me, If I start feeling unconfortable then I will call it quits." She said. I gave her a thumbs up and smiled. She looked happy with herself. Minutes later she hung up and turned to me. "I can taste the revenge and believe me its comimg along pretty sweet." She gave a devilish smile. There was a knock at my door. I turnedd around and said "Come in!" Liam stepped in. 'Hey! We were wondering if you wanted to get take away tonight? You know rent a few movies and just relax..." He stopped and looked at me. "Sure!" I said he walked over and gave me a hug. "It will be okay love" He said and walked out. He didn't even notice that Annie was having a spaz attack. I looked at her "Settle down!" I said as she was grabbing her heart. And wispering "L-L-L-L-L-L-L-LIAM PAYNE!" She looked over to me. "OMG!! Wish I was you! anyway gotta go. I have to call the guy to do the revenging with." "Revenging??? Okay talk later Bye" "Bye"

I hung up and went down stairs. Everyone was gone except for Harry. He was watching the TV. I think the X Factor is on tonight. That would be what he is watching. He NEVER misses that show NEVER. I sat beside him and smiled as he looked over to me in shock. "WOW I thought I was the only one here!" He said. I laughed and grabbed his blanket from the floor. "Thank you!" I said snuggling up to the blanket he laughed and pulled it off of me. "HEY! THAT'S MINE!!" I laughed as he snuggled up to it. "Nah I got it first and I am cold again." he said with a smirk on his face. "Aw! Its over! I didn't get all the phone numbers!!!" He said pouting. "Harry you can't flirt with a computer!" I said softly slaping his arm. He turned to me. "I didn't mean that! I wanted to vote! And I know computers don't have feelings! So you can't flirt with them!" He paused. "Although if I did they would be coming for me!" He smiled at me. "To take over you?!?! NO WE CAN"T LET THAT HAPPEN!!! WHAT ABOUT THE FANS AND ONE DIRECTION! Harry I am taking away your laptop. I am not risking this." I said jumoing up and running up stairs. He was now chasing me upstairs. I reached the room where him and Louis sleep. I opened the door and stepped through the "Museum set out room" as they like to call it. I found both Louis and Harry's laptop. I took both and the Ipads on the beds. Harry was jumping over Louis bed to try and catch me. I screamed "HARRY BIG HAIRY SPIDER!!!!!!!!!" It worked because Harry turned around screaming like a little girl. I ran buck to the door and pulled it shut. I ran into my room and hid the laptops in my draws. I then ran down stairs slaming cupbord doors to trick him into thinking they were down here. I jumped on the couch and flicked throgh the channels.

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