You're Mine....Remember that

Georgia is an 18 year old teenager who just finds out her one and only cheated on her. She repeats to herself "Will I ever love again? No. I am not risking my heart being broken again" She feels like a freak. But after one door closes another one opens, her big brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous Boy Band One Direction.
Georgia secretly has a crush on one of the boys. Will this crush become anything more? What will happen if it does?


27. Lets go!

Harry's POV:
We got out of the pool around 4pm. We all went inside and took in turns and having a shower each. Louis is still in the shower! thank goodness he went last!
"So what are we going to do tonight?" El asked breaking the silence. A smirk grew on Niall's face and eventually went over to Zayn then Liam then me. The girls all looked puzzled.
"what the hell is going on with you guys?" Georgia smiles.
"We know what we are going to do tonight!" Harry smiles to me.
"Ah oh..." Perrie says.
"Should we be worried?" Jade says.
"We are going clubbing!" I say. Georgia's and Perrie's faces drop.
"Haz I don't drink!" Georgia says.
"Neither do I!" Perrie says raising her hand.
"So you don't have to drink alcohol you can drink water and juice and stuff!" Niall says. "But...." Georgia says. Perrie looks up and sighs.
"I will go but I am not going anywhere near alcohol hear me?" Perrie says. Everyone smiles and then looks to Georgia.
"I guess Perrie, Liam and I will be responsible for you guys...." She says and stands up. 
"We gotta get ready!" She runs upstairs with Sophie.
"We will go home and get ready and we will meet you there." Perrie smiles to us. Jessy, Jade, Leigh Anne, Dani, El and Perrie all gather their stuff and leave.
"I will tell Lou when he gets out of the shower what we are doing." I say and walk upstairs to tell Louis. The boys and I are already dressed.
"LOUIS ARE YOU OUT OF THE SHOWER YET?!" I yell into the bathroom. I hear the water go off.
"I am now." I hear Louis say. 
"We are going clubbing tonight. We leave at 6pm." I say.
"What time is it now?" He asks. I decide to make him hurry. 
"Lou it is 5:45" I smile. I hear the shower door slam shut. 
"We are all waiting downstairs" I say. I am actually shocked. Usually Zayn takes the longest to get ready but tonight it is Lou. I am about to walk downstairs when I hear my name being called out.
"Harry?" I turn around and see Georgia and Sophie standing at Georgia's bedroom door.
"Yes?" I ask. 
"We have never been clubbing. We have no idea what you wear. On the internet they are wearing really slutty outfits." Georgia explains.
"Um... Well you are probably asking the wrong person to choose an outfit but okay" I smile and walk into the room and open up her cupboard. I choose a blue dress that is just above the knee and is tight and some black shoes with a leather Jacket for Sophie. And for Georgia I find a strapless red dress that is above the knee and has a small black belt around it and a pair of black heals.
"Well.... What do you think?" I ask. Their mouths drop.
"Wow Haz! I think you should choose all of our outfits!" Georgia smiles to me. 
"Mine too!" Sophie adds. I laugh and walk out feeling proud of myself!

Within minutes Lou was down stairs.
"Okay Guys lets go PARTYYYYY!" He says. We all laugh and point to the clock.
"What?!" He says.
"oops I must of mis-read the clock Lou sorry!" I smile and pat the seat beside me to sit down and play the video game with us. He smiles and grabs a controller and begins to play.

Georgia's POV:
"Wow he chose good!" I say to Sophie in the bathroom slipping into her dress while I put on mine.
"I know right!" She laughs. I zip up the back of the dress and put on the belt and shoes.
"Can I come in?" I ask knocking on the door of my bathroom.
"Yep! We gotta do makeup!" She smiles. I pull out my make up boxes and apply some foundation, Eye shadow, blush, Lip Stick and a little bit of perfume and looked over to Sophie.
"Well I am ready! I am going to grab a jacket!" I smile. She nods her head as she applies her perfume and follows me out. I grab a black leather jacket similar to the one that Sophie is wearing and throw it over my shoulder.
"Georgia... We forgot something..." Sophie says. I turn around and look to her.
"Our Hair." She says. We both laugh and run back to the bathroom. I straighten my hair and then throw on some earrings. Sophie does the same. We look at each other and smile.
"We look hot!" Sophie laughs.
"Lets go!" I smile and grab my jacket, purse and phone. We walk down stair and smile.
"Lets go!"

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