You're Mine....Remember that

Georgia is an 18 year old teenager who just finds out her one and only cheated on her. She repeats to herself "Will I ever love again? No. I am not risking my heart being broken again" She feels like a freak. But after one door closes another one opens, her big brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous Boy Band One Direction.
Georgia secretly has a crush on one of the boys. Will this crush become anything more? What will happen if it does?


9. Date! <3

Harry POV:

I looked to the ground and and smiled as her cheeks went red. I smiled and took her hand. She looked up and her cheeks got even more red as she smiled. I looked into her eyes and said "Thank you" I said and started the car. We pulled out of the driveway and we drove to the closest and fanciest place I could find and. I found a place and stopped the car. She turned away from the window and looked at the place we were at. She opened her door and hopped out standing there wonder struck. We where on top of a hill that had an amazing view of the city. She scanned over the city as her eyes grew bigger and bigger. I walked over to her side and took her hand. She jumped a little and then looked at me with a big smile on her face "Oh my!" She said looking over the city again. She pointed out Big Ben and the London bridge and Buckingham palace. She then turned to me and said "Amazing, amazing"  I smiled "I know right?" We sat on the bonnet of the car for a minute just admiring it until the paparazzi came. "RUUUNNNN!" Harry screamed locking his car and pushing me to the door of the place. We ran through the door and got a table as fast as we could.


Georgia's POV: 

We sat down and pulled out a menu. "WOW FANCYYYY!" I said looking over at all the meals that I will never be able to pronounce. "It looks like it is written in french." harry said. "I need help" i said leaning over the table for him to read the menu in English or at least tell me what it is that I am eating. 


"What would you like?" The waitress said pulling out a note book and pen. "Uh Yeah?! I will have that!" I said pointing to something on the menu. "That isn't a food that is the menu sign!" She said laughing a bit. "Oh Okay um can I have the special please?" She nodded. Harry said "I will have the same thanks" She nodded and left. "That was a bit embarrassing" I whispered to myself as I sat up properly in the seat. "Na I think it was rather cute" Harry said giving me a wink. I laughed and then felt my cheeks get hot. Damn it I am blushing again! I gotta stop blushing!! It is soooo unattractive! 


Harry's POV:

She blushed after I winked at her! She looks so cute when she blushes around me. 


Georgia's POV:

Harry smiled and took a sip of the water that was sitting on the table that the waitress left us with. "So? I know that we are being fancy and all.... Which didn't work very well since we barged in and I mistaken a food dish for a menu title but I wanna play a game!" I said sitting up and straightening my postier.  He nodded and said "Truth or dare?" I smiled "My favourite game!" He laughed "I know! When ever we are all together in a room and it is randomly quiet you are just like TRUTH OR DARE!!!" He laughed "Well....." I shrugged my shoulders. He laughed "Okay who will go first??" He asked "You???" I said. He nodded and smiled "Truth or Dare???"

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