You're Mine....Remember that

Georgia is an 18 year old teenager who just finds out her one and only cheated on her. She repeats to herself "Will I ever love again? No. I am not risking my heart being broken again" She feels like a freak. But after one door closes another one opens, her big brother Louis Tomlinson is in the famous Boy Band One Direction.
Georgia secretly has a crush on one of the boys. Will this crush become anything more? What will happen if it does?


3. Crushing hard......AGAIN!

Georgia's pov:

"So can I get your number to talk more about this awesome plan for REVENGE???" i added an evil laugh at the end. Louis and  her both laughed. I failed at evil laughs. I always ended up choking. Annie nodded. "Her you put yours into mine and i'll put mine into yours!" she said as she handed me the phone. "Alright here!" I said as I handed her mine we tapped the screans a few times and then swaped phones again. "Thanks!" She said as she slid the phone into her poket. "Wow it is already 3pm! Feels like we have been here for like 5 minutes!" Annie smiled as she headed towards the door. "No it has been like 2 hours actually!" Louis smiled. I gave Annie a hug and she hugged me back. "Ya know usually this doesn't happen!" She said. "What do ya mean?" I said pulling back. "Well usually the girls don't ever talk to each other. And they don't bother getting revnge." She laughed as she walked to her car right next to mine. "Ha ha that is so true." I laughed. "See ya text ya maybe later. Depends on what I am doing!" Annie said. "Thats fine alright BYEEEE!" I said waving. She waved to and drove off. I hoped into the car Louis was waiting in and buckled up. Lou started driving and then spoke up. "So you alright?" He asked looking over. "To be honnest, I knew he would do it! I knew it. And I would've broken up with him way earlier but I didn't. So basically it is my fault for trusting some one like that.  But how could some one who looks like an angle from Heaven be so much like the devil?" I sighed. Louis nodded and spoke up. "I get cha and to be honnest, I don't know!" he said as he stopped the car outside of the house. I opened the door and found the house actually quiet. I looked around and harry was sound asleep on the couch. AWWW! FAN GIRLING! even though I know the guy like the back of my hand I still get excited when I see him. Is that normal?? Anyway.... I got my phone out and snapped a picture. TWITTER! just as I logged in harry let out the biggest snoore ever.

'@Georgigirl9 awww look how cute he is when he is sleeping! Ha ha he just let out a huge snoore!' 

I logged out and went to the kitchen to find Niall eating a sandwich and Liam making some tea. I looked around "Where is Zayn?" I asked. Niall swallowed his sandwich and spoke up "On a date" he said. "Okay!" I said taking a cup out of the top cupboard and walked over to the cupboard for the drinking chocolate. "Gosh! I have never ever ever seen you go through a whole day without drinking that." Liam said as he brought the tea over to Niall and sat down with one for himself. I brought my hot chocolate to the island in the middle of the kitchen and took a sip. "How was ya boyfriend?" Niall asked. I sighed "He was cheating on me with this really nice girl named Annie. We went out for ice cream. Yeah we are actually good friends." I laughed. "Aw its okay! Now you got your chace with Hazza! WAIT oops..." Niall said. My head shot up and Liam's eyes grew big. "WHAT!!!" I screamed. "Who told you that?!?" I asked."Well you were writing in your diary agaim and you have a bad problem with writing out loud and I over heard you. But don't worry no one knows! But Liam and me!" He rushed. "Hey Georgia!" I heard the door shut. I turned around "Hey Perrie!" I said jumping up for a hug. "Whats up??" She asked "Well I need to talk to you in private...." I said. She nodded. "Okay" I jumped up and took Perrie into my room. "First of all where is Zayn??" I asked. "Shower" She said and plonked down on the bed. "Whats going on??" She asked I took a deep breath and looked at her. "He cheated...." I said. I had been trying to hold these tears in but I couldn't around Perrie. She was like another sister. She opened her arms. I hugged her and sobbed in her shoulders. "Its okay!" She wispered. I hopped up and grabbed a tissue. "At leasst I saw this coming though." I said. She nodded. "C'mon! Get over him! I know that your heart wasn't cmpletly with him. It was with Harry. Georgia.." She paused. "He...... He is the one. Believe me. You even told me that you have a major crush on him. Then why not take it to the next level with Haz? Georgia I can tell you he likes you back. Zayn told me on one of our many dates." My tears grew into a smile. "Really??" I asked. "Yes." She smiled. "Okay..... But are you sure he likes me?!?!" I asked. She nodded her head. I walked over to her and gave her a hug. "Love ya! I am so happy to have a Bff like you." I said. "I know!" She said.

We walked out and went into the living room. Harry was still asleep. I smiled and felt butterflies in my tummy. I wish I could tell how much he liked me. Like what if it is a little crush. I sat down by Perrie and turned on the TV. I didn't pay much attension to it though I just watched harry sleep.

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