when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


7. the tour

i woke up to harry shacking me "get we are here" "mhmm" i rolled over "get up sleepyhead" "grrr" i grouled "ok you leave me no choice" he picked me up to carry me "harry" i dripped my arms around his neck but soon fell asleep while he carried me. i woke up to me in harrys arm in the car to the hotel "what time is it" "um about two in the morning" "and when is your first show" "tomorrow" then the car stopped out the front of a five star hotel and harry was asleep i gently shock him he wouldnt move i whisppered in his ear "we are at the hotel" "mhmm" his eyes opened i grabbed his hand and we walked in the hotel we all got a key eachso we can enter when we wanted to we all got in the elevator harry rested his head on my shoulder the elevator doors opened and harry was nearly asleep i wrapped my arms around his waist and we walked you to our room we walked in and the boys said me and harry can have the main bedroom with the unsuit and the walk in closet i walked in with harry and sat him on the bed and kissed him and laid with him soon i fell asleep. i woke up and harry wasn't in bed i got up and walked to the kitchen to fined him there "hey" "hey babe" he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me "what are we doing today" i smiled to him "me and the boys need to go to the studio for awhile we wont be back for at lest two hour maybe more, oh and Eleanor is flighting in today" i nodded "so do i need to pick her up or what" "if you want i need to go now babe love you bye" i kissed him "bye have fun" he grabbed his keys and walked out the door, i sat in the hotel room i looked around the room "i might go shopping" i said to myself i grabbed my phone and keys i walked out the room i went down to the lobby i walked out to the car i got in "where to miss simmons" the driver said "um forever 21 please" he took me to the shop i got out and walked in i looked throw some racks i found a tank that said 'I LOVE YOU' i also found a flowy top and shorts and a bikini i bourght it and i left i got in the car "wher to now" "um wait" i rang harry but he didnt answer so i rang louis 


"hey lou"

"hey how are you"

"ok where's harry he didnt answer"

"his hear why"

"can i talk to him"


"thanks lou" he handed the phone to harry

"hey babe"

"what time dose eleanor get hear"

"she should be landing about now"

"ok thanks harry"

"ok gotta go love you babe"

"ok bye love you too" i hung up and sighed "to the airport" the driver nodded i got to the airport i walked in and waited next to the nandos restaurant, i stood there for awhile then i saw a beautiful brunette wave haired girl walking towards me it was eleanor i ran over to her "hey el how was your flight" she looked at me a bit confused then she smiled "hey leah right" i nodded then she brought me in for a big hug "my flight was boreing you know" i smiled and nodded "yeah i know c'mon lets go" we walked out to the car we got in, we talked, then the car pulled up at the hotel we got out and walked in el grabbed her stuff i help to we took it to louis's room then we sat at the telly and watch some things i got bored so did eleanor. i turned the telly off "now what" "i am going to lay down my back is sore" i nodded and she walked got up and walked to her room i sat there awkwardly so i went to my room i walked in and i went to my bathroom i looked at my self in the mirror i sighed "uglyness" i whispered i walked out and sat on the bed i got my Iphone out i went on twitter, it soon got boring i went on my lap top i went on skype and melissa was on line i rang her we talked for hours soon i had to go couse the door opened i disconnected and put my lap top under the bed and looked at the door and harry came running in crying he stopped when he saw me i looked at him "harry" i said worried "are you ok" i stood up and i walked to him "harry whats wrong" i said as i wrapped my arms around his neck "i am sorry babe" i looked at him "what are you sorry about" "i am sorry" he ran out i ran after him "HARRY" i stopped as he ran out the door "harry" i grabbed my phone and called him he didnt answer "what is going on" i grouled then niall came out "leah are you ok" i groaned and walked out to fined him i walked down the street i couldn't find him.  

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