when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


1. the shop

i was in my room on twitter when mom came in "hey mom" "hey can you go to the shop and get me some cookie dow, flour, milk, soda and biscuits please" mom said, i was wonder what was going on "why" "well my boss is coming for afternoon tea and to talk" "oh ok well you go and write that down and i will get ready" mom left and i went and got ready i put some make up on and brushed my hair and i went to my closet and grabbed my Toms and went down stairs to mom i grabbed the note and left. when i got to the shop the was a croud of girls screaming i pushed my way throw to the doors and into the shop i looked at the list there was more stuff added like.

cookie dow, flour, milk, biscuits, icing suger, suger, baking paper, ect

i walked down the isles like i was losed and muttering "cookie dow" over and over again i walked around to another isles and i found the cookie dow "yes" i said to myself causeing some people to look at me i grabbed the cookie dow i didnt know what flavour mom wanted so i grabbed choc chip which is my favourite i continued and looking for flour i walked the isles losed again and muttered "this is not my thing" i kept walking the isles when i ran in to someone "i am so sorry" "its ok" the boy said in a thick british accent he had cute green eyes and a smile to die for he had chocolate curly locks i reanized him from somewhere "i am harry'' then i remembered who he was "i know i am leah simmons" "that is a very nice name leah" harry was hot like handsome "thanks" i blushed and smiled at the ground then he grabbed piece of paper and sribbled some thing on it "call me" i smiled and nodded "i gotta go it was nice to meet you harry" "ok bye i hope to see you again" i waved and walked around the isles i got the thing i needed and left the shop and went home. When i got home mom was in the kitchen "mom i am home" i yelled "come in to the kitchen" "ok mom" i walked in the kitchen to mom at the table "where do you want me to put these stuff i got for you" "um put them in the pantry please" i nodded and put them away "mom when is your boss coming" i asked "um around 2:30 i think" i nodded "i am going to my room call me when he gets here" "ok" i went to my room and went on twitter and to my suprise i was said in a tweet

@Harry_styles i meet this gorgeous girl today @Leah_simmons

i smiled and went to get ready for moms boss's arrival i went and had a shower and wash myself, i got out and mom called "my boss is here now" "ok mom i will be down in a bit" i walked to my closet and to look for some clothes to wear i grabbed a tank and shorts and i grabbed my sock and did my hair "leah hurry up" "hang on mom" i said i grabbed my phone and walked out my room and shut the door and walked down stairs i walked to the kitchen to mom her boss and five boys "hi i am leah" they looked at me as i walked to my set and sat "guy this is my daughter leah" "hi" i smiled "so leah this is my boss simon cowell and this is the band he made on the UK X factor one direction and i am their stylist and me and simon have been discusing about you" mom finish saying 'you' as i took a drink then i started to chock on my water "what me" " yes you" "yea what am i going to be doing" "well since you have a job as a hair stylist you are going to be theirs" "wait what so i am one direction's hair stylist" i was in shock "yea" after the meeting the boys and simon left i went to bed.         

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