when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


12. the hotel at last with harry :)

i woke up at 10:00 and harry's arm was still around me and my head was still on his chest i smiled and worked my way out of his grip and went to the bathroom to have a shower when i got out i wrapped the towel around me i walked out cause i forgot to grab my clothes, i walked out of the bathroom and went to my closet i grabbed a tee that said 'stay with me' i grabbed my pink sweats that had roxy on the back i walked out to the door to the kitchen and el was at the table "hey el whats up" she looked at me "nothing do you wanna go shopping" "yeah i woud love to" "cool i will get ready" "ok i will be waiting" she nodded and walked off to her room the niall came out "hey Leah what are you doing to day"
"well me and el are going shopping" "ok cool what are you going to do about harry" "well can you look after him make sure he does nothing, oh and i will wake him and tell him were i am and to take it easy" niall nodded "ok" i walked to my room where harry was still asleep "harry" i said shaking him he groaned "harry baby wake up for a minute" his eyes opened and he looked at me "yes babe" "well me and el are going shopping and i want you to take it easy please" he nodded "ok babe" "thanks bye see ay when i get back" i walked out to the kitchen and el was there waiting "ready" she nodded and we walked out the door we got a car we walked to the lobby there were fans everywhere outside the car was already there we walked out the fans screamed we walked to the car el got in when someone grabbed my arm i turned around to a girl with long brown wavy hair she had was quite tall to, "are you dating harry" i nodded "yes i am" she smiled "you are so pretty you should be a model" i smiled "thank you i gotta go do you wanna come to" she smiled "i don't want to be annoing or a bother" "come on please" "you sure" "yeah and you might even get to meet the boys to" she smiled again "ok then" i smiled "c'mon lets go" she nodded and i got in the car and she followed i sat next to el "so what is your name" i said "my name is molly baker" i smiled "i love the name molly it always reminds me of my grandma her name we molly to" we all talked and got to know each other i found out that molly liked niall i smiled then el whispered in my ear "what are you thinking" "well niall is single and come on they would be a cute couple" "well i do agree she is really pretty ok but lets not push it he may not like her" "sweet" the car pulled up at forever 21 we got out and went and did some shopping i bourgh a gray benie and two tank tops a green see throw butten up top  and shorts we paid and left we went to the car and went to starbucks and we got a coffee we talked and i dicided i needed to get back to harry "you guys ready to go" they nodded "yes lets go" we walked out to the car and got in we talked a bit more then the car stopped out the front of the hotel we got out and we invited molly in to meet the boys i walked in to the lobby we went to the elevator we got up to our floor we got out and went to the door and we walked in "we're back" i yelled and louis came running in he grabbed eleanor around the waist me and molly walked off "c'mon lets find niall" we walked to his room i banged on the door "NIALL GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE" then the door opened to niall with his mouth full of food "c'mon we will be back he looks to busy eating" molly smiled "wait what do you want" "um empty your mouth then we talk" he nodded swollowing his food but putting more in i groaned "c'mon" i said grabbing her "lets meet harry" i went to my room i opened the door to harry naked "HARRY PUT CLOTHES ON" i yelled covering mollys eyes i turned to face molly "sorry this is what happens when you have the worlds biggest boy band living with you for a month" i said "no its fine it is fun" i closed the door to my room "c'mon lets try liam thank god he is the daddy" i said with a sigh we walked to liams room i knocked on the door "coming" "hurry up" then the door opened then two arm wrapped around me "liam do you mind" "sorry" "ok i need everyone to the living room" he nodded "thanks" we walked to the living room "sorry about harry and niall" then every one came in and sat "thank you, ok i have a friend here her name is molly, oh yeah she is a fan" they all introduced them selves i could see something in niall's eyes he just kept his eyes on molly i smiled at everyone "does anyone want a drink or anything to eat" they all nodded i got up and and went to the kitchen i grabbed some drinks and chips i went back to the living room i gave everyone a drink and sat in harrys lap he wrapped his arm around my waist. 

  niall's P.O.V

i was in my room with some food then i here leah walk up then she banged in my and yell "NIALL GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE" i got up and opened the door to leah "c'mon we will be back he looks to busy eating" leahs said turning then i saw a girl with long brown wavy hair she was quite tall to but she was fit to "wait what do you want" "um empty your mouth then we talk" i nodded and swollowing what was in my mouth but i put more in then leah groaned "c'mon" then leah walked off i shrunged and closed the door and sat at my bed then i heard leah yell "HARRY PUT CLOTHES ON" i laughed and continued eating and talking to a firend but i could help but think off the girl that was with leah, god that girl was hot she was thin to she had the most beautiful blue eyes and she had legs like a model i had to make her mine before one of the other boys do i really like her but i don't know anything about her yet but i will find out one way or another.

leah's P.O.V

i sat in harrys lap with his arms wrapped around me tightly i think he was scared i was going to leave him or something i watch everyone talking to molly niall was flirting with her she flirted back i grabbed harry's hand "c'mon" he nodded he let go of me i stood up and walked to our room i laid down on our bed then harry walked in and shut the door "come here" he nodded and walked to the bed and i went to the end of the bed where harry was standing i stood up "what do you think of molly" "she is nice and sweet" i smiled "ok what do you think of me" he looked at me "is this mant to be a trick question" "no" i said wrapping my arms around his neck "ok then i think you are hot or in other words a fucking sexy best" i blushed "aww thanks handsome" i said kissing him passiontly then he pushed me on the bed and kissed me deeply then he started to work my tee off me but he got stuck i giggled and pulled it off my self then i sat up and got a grip on harry's shirt i pulled it off, then he started to work with my bra he got it off then he kissed my neck then my chest down to my stomach then back up to my lips then he got up and went to his suicase to grabbed a condom he put it on, "are you sure" i laughed "babe as long as i don't get pregnant i am all for it" "well that is good enough for me." We had a good hour of sex i grabbed my phone and it was 8 O'clock i got out of bed and put clothes on to go to bed in i grabbed a tank and shorts i put them on at harry groaned i loked to him as his eyes opened i walked over to the bed "you ok" "yeah" i laid down next to him i soon fall asleep.   

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