when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


9. still in the hospital, harry still hasn't woken yet

It has been a week, mum is now here with us, we haven't left the hospital cause of harry, he hasn't woken up yet, all i get is a hand squeeze from him, i sometimes fall asleep with my head on him, i wish he would wake up, mum tries to get me to got back to the hotel but i resuse to leave harry's side, i set be side harry on my phone i looked at all the death threats i was getting, i smiled at the nice ones, some say i am the resign harry is in here, "leah you really need to go back to the hotel" mum said "mum i am not leaving his side" i said looking up from my phone "we agree you need to go back to the hotel" liam said "what do i stink or something i am not leaving his side" i yelled "you need to sleep your going crazy you talk in your sleep you wake up crying you talk to harry as if he was awake but he is not" i stood up "i am not crazy and i am not tired" i screamed "settle down leah" mum yelled "no he is my boyfriend i am not leaving" i crossed my arms over my chest "leah what would harry want you to do got back to the hotel and get some rest or stay here getting angry at us" mum said maybe she was right i was tired i sighed "ok mum i will go back to the hotel but someone come with me, i dont want to be alone" i fake smiled trying to hide how tired i was "c'mon i will take you" el said "thanks el your a true friend" i gave her a hug "but first you are having a shower when you get back" i smiled "ok i don't think harry wants me to smell" i laughed "c'mon lets go" we walked out to the cars we got in and went to the hotel we got back and i went strait to mine and harry's room i had a shower and i washed my self well i got out and put one of harry's shirts on it smelt like him i went to bed i fall asleep right away i was so tired. i woke you at 8:14 i got out and went to the bathroom and had a shower i got out and got dressed into my tank and jean shorts i grabbed my phone and went to the kitchen and got myself some breakfast i eat it and el came out "wow your up early" i smiled "yep you gonna have breakfast" she laughed "yes of couse" she got her self some breakfast we grabbed our keys and we left for the hospital. we arrived and liam was out side i jumped out "what is going on" he looked at me "harry keeps calling your name" my eyes widened "what is he awake" he shook his head "no his not he just keeps calling you" "ok i will going there" i ran in leaving el and liam out side i ran to the elevator i still hate these things the doors opened and i walked in then my phone vibrated

from mum: honey where are you

to mum: coming up the elevator why

from mum: did liam tall you

to mum: that harry keeps calling for me

from mum: yes

to mum: i will be there in a bit

from mum:ok

i put my phone in my pocket and the doors opened and a old lady walked in it still wasn't the floor we went up to the floor the doors opened again it was the right floor i ran out with tears falling the old lady asked if i was ok i said yes i ran to the room i stopped at the door and a nurse came past "hey you here for harry styles" i nodded "ok" i opened the doors slowly and walked in mum jumped up and ran to me then harry spoke "leah" i jumped a little i looked at him his eyes weren't opened i walked over slowly to him "harry i am here" he didn't answer i sat in the chair then el and liam walked in and sat el sat on louis's lap i jumped up and squeezed my bum on the bed and faced him "leah is that you" harry said "harry its me i am here" i grabbed his hand and rested it on my lap. we all sat in a peaceful silence until harry screamed causeing me to fall of the bed i landed on my ankle i let out a small scream of pain i jumped back on the bed my ankle was throbing then harry yelled "fuck off" i looked at mum "this is what he was doing when you left yesterday" i looked at harry and smiled "i have an idea but i need time with him ok guys go back to the hotel for a bit rest up ok and i will call you to come back ok" they nodded and left i sat in the chair "harry this is to long, i know you can hear me" i stood up and walked to the window in the room.

Harry's P.O.V


i can hear people talking but every time i try i can't, i can hear leah talking "hazza i love you" she loves me then i heard someone "the ambulance are on their way all we can do is wait" it was niall my bro then i heard a faint "are you guys ok" then i heard leah "yer we are but harry isn't" i remembered everything then i hears foot steps they stopped "it will be ok bro" the voice was familiar it was louis "he will be fine trust me babe" it was eleanor louis i think stood up then i heard a sound it was so loud the people put me on something then i heard leah next to me talking to someone "i will meet you there ok" they said "bye" the doors closed and leah sat next to me i could see he beautiful face her smile but no she wasn't smiling she was sad then she grabbed my hand "harry if you can hear me squeeze my hand please" i tried to squeeze her hand but i couldn't then i felt a warm droplet of water drop on my cheek then i knew it was a tear she was crying "please harry squeeze my hand" then another droplet landed on my cheek i tried so hard to squeeze her hand i finally i squeezed her hand "babe i love you don't ever do that again you scared me" i hated to heard her say that i scared her and i am not there to comfit her another tear landed on my cheek then i felt her lips on mine a soft peck not hard soft i felt bad 'cause i couldn't kiss her back man i love her i am going to marry her one day then the bed moved i was weeled off i don't know where but once they where finished i was put in a room i think then someone came in and sat next to me "harry i love you can you try to wake up please" i tried ever so hard to but i couldn't i just squeezed her hand then i thing her head laid in my chest she fell a sleep. 


*a week later*


i still hadn't woken up, leah never left my side i wanted her to got to the hotel and rest but she wouldn't listen to her mum or the boys every night i dream about her, i felt leah beside me i missed her body next to mine "leah you really need to go back to the hotel" brandie leah's mum said "mum i and notleaving his side" leah said rather angry i could here it in her voice "we agree you need to go back to the hotel" liam said trying to help "what do i stink or something i am not leaving his side" she yelled "you need to sleep your going crazy you talk in your sleep you wake up crying you talk to harry as if he was awake but he is not" i heard her stand up "i am not crazy and i am not tired" she screamed she was so tired "settle down leah" her mum yelled "he's my boyfriend i am not leaving" "what would harry want you to do go back to the hotel and get some rest or stay here getting angry at us" her mum said she was so right i wanted leah to go back to the hotel "ok mum i will go back to the hotel, but some one come with me,'cause i dont want to be alone" leah said "i will go with you" eleanor said "thanks you are a true friend" i wanted to smile "but first you are having a shower when we get back" leah laughed "ok i don't think harry wants me to smell" i wanted to laugh "c'mon lets go" leah left with el i was tired i fall asleep. i woke up and tried to opened my eyes but i couldn't then i yelled out "LEAH" i felt them all look at me i wanted to hide my self "leah where are you" i said again, why, "um harry leah isn't here" nial said "leah" i said again they kept repeating but i kept saying 'leah' then i heard the door opened "leah" "harry that was liam leaving" i waited longer then the door opened again "leah" i said i heard footsteps "harry i am here" it was her she was here yes finally then more people walked in leah stood up and sat on the bed next to me "leah is that you" i said "harry it's me i am here" i wanted to smile she grabbed my hand resting it in her lap she had shorts on i could fell the bear skin of her thight. it was very quiet until for some resign i screamed i felt leah move then i heard an 'Oomh' on the ground next to me and a scream of pain it was leah what did i do she stood up and sat back on the bed soon i yelled "fuck off" "this is what he has be doing when you left yesterday" brandie said "i have an idea but i need time with him ok guy go back to the hotel and rest up for a bit and i will call you to come back ok" leah said everyone in the room soon stood up and walked out me and leah where alone even thow i wasn't awake yet leah moved to the set next to me "harry this is to long, i know you can hear me" she stood up and walked off "harry i really need you to wake up know i can't take it anymore i need you to hold me" i had to wake up i heard her move again then she grabbed my hand and moved it to her chest i felt her put her hand on my chest and i felt her lips on mine again man she is a tease "harry please" all of a sudden my eyes opened i looked up to leah "leah baby" i said she looked down at me "harry y-your awake" she smiled then a tear fall and landed on my fore head "yes oh and you are a tease beautiful" she blushed "i missed the cheekyness" she said kissing me and walked out the door a minute later a doctor came in "mr styles your awake i see" i nodded "yes i am" "do you now what day it is" is this guy serious i have been in a coma for i don't know how long "no i think its saturday or sunday" "it is saturday" "oh right can i walk" i looked up to the doctor "no mr Styles you can't even your legs arn't broken" "ok when can i leave" i said to the doctor "well if you can still walk good it may be on tuesday or wednesday" "ok thanks" the doctor left the room and i fall asleep.  

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