when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


2. starbucks

I woke up and sat in my bed for a while when i did get up i went to my bathroom and brush my hair and teeth then went to my closet and found a tank top and some short shorts then i went down stairs to mom i walked in to the kitchen and mom was not in there but i found a note that said

"meet me at the south studio at midday ok mom"

i looked at the clock it was 11:28 i ran up to my room and grabbed my iphone and put it in my pocket i had to go to the south of london and that is a two hour walk but haft an hour to run and that was what i was going to be doing to be at the studio at midday i walked down stairs to the door and i ran out the door and down the street i ran throw the city i got to the studio at 11:45 i walked in to the font deck "hi how can i help you" "um yes i am leah simmons and i am here to fined my mom" " ah yes brandy simmons" "yea thats my mom" "she is in studioA" "thanks" i walked down the hall to the studio that said 'studioA' i opened the door to five boys running around and mom trying to get their attention i looked around and found a set and walked over know one had noticed me yet so i just sat there watching then and giggling at their stupidness then mom looked at me then they all looked at me i blushed "when did you get there" "well while you where trying to get these idiots to listen i walked in so what do you want" "well i want you to go on tour with me and the band to learn what the happens oh and boys i will give you guy permission to date leah but if she comes to me crying she will be off limits and that goes for you to harold" i giggled to my self "what" mom said "nothing" i looked at harry and cracked up and the boys just looked at me "leah what are you laughing at" "just the way you said the if they brake my heart i am off limits and then said that goes for you to harold" soon the hole room was laughing except harry i walked over to him "we love you harry" i hugged him and sat back down and got my iphone out and i had a text from melissa

1 new message from melissa

"hey can we hang out"

"yea when"


ok but i have to tell mom"

"ok meet me at starbucks"

"mom" i called "yea" "can i meet melissa at starbucks" then louis yelled "can we go to" i looked to mom and she just shrugged "ok you guys can come but she is a fan so be wanned" i said "ok" i texted melissa back

"hey i can but i am bringing some friends ok"

"ok cool who are they"


"ok whatever"

"be there in a bit"

i got up and walked to the door "ready" "yep" louis said popping the P "great lets go" we walked out the door to the car we got in "hey brett to starbucks please" i smiled and took a set next to harry and lou we pulled up at starbucks and got out and walked in when i found melissa "hey" she turned aroud to look at me and then jump up and hugged me "hey" melissa said "what did you want to talk about" "oh goodie well i got tickets for us" "let me guess we are going to meet them" "what why did you say them" "have you not noticed them yet" "noticed who" i looked behind to the boys not there "LOUIS" no responce "LOUIS TOMLINSION" still no responce "LOUIS WILLAM TOMLINSION" then louis popped his head out "yes you called" "were are the boys" "i dont know" louis shrugged "thanks" i looked to melissa "i will be back now dont be scared and get to know louis" "ok" i left to find the others i walked out and found liam, zayn and niall "wheres harry" they shrugged "go in to louis i will find him" "ok" i walked around a i couldnt find him i got worried "styles" i called no responce i walked to a aley and saw a figure on the ground i got scared and ran to the figure "harry" i got closer it came clearer to view "oh my god harry" a tear slipped over harry was on the ground beaten badly he had a black swollen eye, i nealt down next to him "harry can you hear me" "yea" i peaked him on the forehead "your ok now i am here" i grabbed my phone out and rang louis


"i found him and you guys need to get down here now harry is hurt"


"you heard me"

"we will be there in a minute"

"ok bye"


i looked at harry "you ok hazza" "yea better now that you are hear" harry moved i moved so the his head could rest in my lap the louis came "shit what happened" "i was mugged then they bashed me" "oh god this is not going to be good" then the rest came along with melissa "oh my god harry" melissa was crying "mel settle down louis help me get harry up" we got harry up and i throw my arm around his waist and helped him to walk we got to the car i help him in the car them i got in along with the rest i sat next to harry and i noticed that harry was not ok he was worse because he had just passed out on my shoulder "harry" i sobbed i laid my head on his "hurry up and get to the hospital harry just passed out" louis's head turned "shit." we arrived at the hospital and i help harry out knowing that he had passed out, we got harry a bed and yea the doctors did some tests on him i sat in the his bed waiting for him to come back i was worried then the doctor came in with him still passed out "how is he" "well he is in a comber and is expected to wake up late next week and he has a broken arm and many broken ribs i am so sorry and thankful for you that found him if you didnt he would have died for shore" that was when i broke down crying the words that he is in a comber hurt me i had to get some air i walked out and rang mom


"hey mom"

"honey whats wrong" 


"what happened to harry"

"he is in a comber"

"WHAT, what happened"

"he got bashed"

"i will be there i am living now bye"

"bye" i hung up and went back in to the boys an melissa i sat down and cried " guys can i have a minute please" they nodded and left i walked to harry "hazza i love you i always have when i saw you in the shop yesterday i fall head over heals for you and now seeing you in here has broken me i am so sad a just hoping you can hear this harry styles i love you not because you are famous because you are sweet kind careing and loving all the headlines i see about you beinging a player sickens me i hope we can get closer" i was crying hard then my mom came in "harry" she looked at me "leah i am sorry" "it's ok" "leah its not ok harry have been hurt and you are saying its ok its not ok" "mom" i ran to her and cried "leah he will wake up" "mom i love him i have a crush" "i figured" "what do i do" "wait come on lets go home we will be back tomorrow" "ok" i walked over to harry and kissed his check and left "melissa c-mon we will give you a ride home bye guys" we went home and gropped melissa off at her house "bye" "bye leah" "wait mom can i tell her" "yea" "thank mom mel i am going to be away for a while" "what where are you going" "on tour" "what with" "one direction" "WHAT" "bye" she waved to me when i got home i went to bed.    


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