when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


3. starbucks Harry's POV

     harry POV


leah was on her phone doing somthing and i found my self stairing at her she was hot fit and sweet kind i wanted to asked her out "mom" "yea" "can i meet melissa that starbucks" then louis yelled "can we go to" i wanted to get out of this studio it was cramy and smely from five teen boys "ok you guys can come but she is a fan so be wanned" leah said i was happy that we get to meet a fan when leah finished texting she called "ready" "yep" louis said popping the p we walked to the limo and got in leah sat next to me and lou "hey brett to starbucks please" brett nodded. when we got to starbucks we got out and leah walked in and we stayed outside because we got a call well i did i went to take it down a aley when i got off the phone i walked back when some guys came up to me and hit me in the gut i put my phone away and tried to fight but it was three on to one not feir at all, they punched me kicked me and also took my money i was on the ground wishing someone would come then i faintly heard "styles" then someone was walking to me i got scared and the person said "harry" but when the person came in to view it was leah she ran to me to me with tears steaming down her face i hated to see her cry "oh my god harry" she nealt down next to me harry can you hear me" leah said worried that i had passed out "yea" was all i could say then she kissed me on the forehead i felt butterflies "your ok now i am hear" her voice was soft and broken she got her phone out and rang someone "i found him but you guys need to get down hear now harry is hurt, you heard me, ok bye" i didnt know who it was but i didnt care much all i wanted was leah in my arms to hold me i move and so did leah i rested my head in her lap my head was throbbing i remember them guys throwing me in to a wall and hitting my head too. when louis and the boys came and a girls that i geussed it was melissa i could see melissa was crying and them leah help me up to my feet and we walked to the car she help me in to my seat she sat down and rested my head on her shoulder then i suddenly every thing went black the last thing i heard was "hurry up and get to the hospital harry just passed out" then louis "shit".

*at the hospital*

i was in a room but my eyes wouldnt open and i could hear everthing the irratating beeping noise then i heard leah talking to me "hazza i love you i always have when i saw you in the shop yesterday i fall head over heals for you and now seeing you in here has broken me i am so sad a just hoping you can hear this harry styles i love you not because you are famous because you are sweet kind careing and loving all the headlines i see about you beinging a player sickens me i hope we can get closer" the fact that she loved me made me get butterflies i tried to open my eyes but i couldnt i tried to move but i couldnt i couldnt do anything that broke me because i wanted to tell leah my fellings to then her mom came in "harry" her mom was so nice she was like my second mom "i am so sorry leah" "its ok" "leah its not ok harry has hurt and your saying its ok" "mom" i could hear her crying "leah he will wake up" "mom i love him i have a crush" "i fugured" "what do i do" "wait, c-mon lets go home well be back tomorrow" "ok" she walked out and then the boys came in "harry you will be fine" i had to gain all of my curage to open my eyes but i will save that until tomorrow i fall asleep.

i woke up to people talk and then i heard leah i had to open my eyes for her i tried four time before i opened them and i looked around the room and my eyes locked on leah she was fitter then when i sore her yesterday she looked at me and notused i was looking at her she jumpup and ran to me "HARRY your awake" i nodded and tried to talk "yer" she hugged me "i love you harry" "i heard what you said yesterday" "WHAT?????" she blushed "i have felling for you to" "you do" "yer since the day i sore you in the shop" she hugged me "its good to have you awake" "its good to see you" when do i get out of here" "hey not yet ok" "wait leah do you want to go out with me when i get out of here" she smiled showing the dimple on the side of her cheak "yes i love to" then the doctor came in and said "mr styles you have to stay in here for at lest a week" i nodded

week later i got relest from hospital.    

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