when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


15. movie night and night mare

Leah P.O.V


When i got back from the shower i saw the blankets and stuff was ready i looked throw the movies and found 'flicka 1,2,3' i smiled cause i love that movie it always makes me cry but i don't care i also found 'The Notebook' Toy Story 1,2,3 and Love Actually' i smiled and went and made popcorn "what are you doing" i jumped and fall on my butt "ow my ass harry" he walked over to help me up "so what movies are we watching" he asked "well flicka 1,2,3 the notebook toy story 1,2,3 and love actually" "ok cool" he smiled kissing my lips "guys really not again" "sorry I'll think of this when you and El are lovey dovey" he smiled "ok." when the popcorn was finished i took it to the living room everyone was in there waiting i put the popcorn down "now this is the only batch of popcorn i am making the rest your self" they nodded and we put the movie in which was flicka 1 i started to cry when Katy McLaughlin lost her horse flicka, harry wrapped his arms around me then we watched flicka 2 then flicka 3 when that finished we watched the notebook i cried a lot more then flicka harry held me in his arms then we watched toy story we all laughed a lot, then we watched toy story 2 Liam was happy to we then watched toy story 3 we laughed a bit more then we watched love actually i cried in that to when we finished watching the movies we went to bed cause the boy had their concert tomorrow so they had to sleep i got to mine and harry's room and he was in bed "well some one is fast" he looked up and smiled "yep" i smiled and climbed in to bed harry wrapped his arms around me i looked in to his eyes and smiled "your the best harry" he smiled "you got it babe" i kissed his lips deeply sparks flew like every other kiss i smiled and fell asleep. 




i was in a room i was lost i looked up to a little white light it was so cute i smiled then someone came and hit me he punched me several time then he kicked me in the stomach several times i screamed "if you scream one more time they get it" i looked up to see Louis  Liam, Niall  Zayn and my love of my life harry "no you wouldn't" "don't tempt me bitch" he smiled "now time for fun" he grabbed my shirt ripping it from my body then my bra he put his cold hands on my boobs i bit back a scream but i couldn't hold it i let out a loud scream "good try" he said picking up his gun pointing to Louis "nooo" i cried as he pulled the trigger then harry opened his eyes "what is going on" "LOUIS" I cried harry looked to see his best mate dead "Louis" he cried "harry he's dead" i cried "now lets see if you boyfriend can stand this" "nooo" i cried as the man touched me boobs again "mate would you stop it" "what are you going to do i have a gun you don't" he went for my shorts "you have nice legs" he said putting his hand on my leg he gently brought his hand to my shorts pulling them down i try to hold a scream but i couldn't "well nice try you getting better" "yeah only because i don't want my friends to die" "bad luck to you then" he held his gun to Liam "LIAM" i cried as he shot Liam, harry looked to the horror of his other best mate DEAD, "you can't" i cried "then don't scream" he put his hand on my vagina and he pushed his two fingers inside i screamed "i told you to not scream" he held his gun to Niall ans shot him "NIALL NO PLEASE" harry looked to Niall DDEEAADD I cried "please you like seeing please hurting" "yeah i get a kick out of it" he smiled "how can you smiled at that i am seeing my best friends getting murdered and your smiled you sicken me" i cried "now more" he smiled and pulled his pants down "nooo" i screamed "on your getting worse at this" "because your raping me would you think i am in enjoying it" he smirked "well i don't know" he held his gun up to Zayn "please i have had enough" "sorry he goes" he pulled the trigger "ZAYN NOOO" I cried "how" harry was, i don't even know what he was doing he was praying or something "harry" he looked up "yes babe" "i love you" i cried "if i die you come with me, i love you too baby" the guy pushed his dick in side of me i held the scream as long as i possible but i was getting raped so i let out a scream "nooo wait don't shot yet" i said "why" "i wanna kiss him first" "ok but make it quick" i ran to the stairs and ran to him throwing my arms around him "i love you harry don't for get that baby" i kissed him so hard and passionately i didn't want him to die but i knew he was next in line "i love you to baby girl i will even if i am in heaven your beautiful to me save that body for the right man" "you are the right man i don't want you to die" i cried "baby i have to you screamed" he cried i kissed him again as the guy pulled the trigger and shot harry has tumbled to the ground "HARRY NO PLEASE" I cried and fell next to him "HARRY I LOVE YOU" "baby i love you to" they were the last words he said.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~back to reality~~~~~~~~~~~~~


i woke up screaming "HARRY NO" I sat up crying "no harry don't die" i was still in the dream then harry woke up "baby i am not dead" i turned to face him "you died" i cried "shh it was just a dream" he said wrapping his arms around me just the place where i wanted to be "harry" i cried "yes baby" he said "don't die please" "i won't unless i have to ok beautiful" i tried to smiled away my tears but they kept falling "stay with me harry" "i am not going anywhere babe now lay back down and sleep" "hold me i am scared" "ok baby I'll hold you and don't be scared it was a dream" i laid down as harry wrapped his arm around me tightly "i roll over you breathe down my neck" "why that babe" he smirked "cause i don't want you to die i need to now you still with me" "ok baby no one will hurt you or me promise now go back to sleep I'll be here" "ok i love you" "love you too" i kissed his lips hard and passionately like the dream i rolled over and harry wrapped his other arm around me breathing down my neck i smiled and fall back asleep             

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