when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


8. harry's in hospital again

I looked every where for harry but i couldnt find him, I got sick of looking for him I found a park and went to a bench i sat there for a while i didn't relise i was crying then a man sat next to me "you ok love" "yes i am fine" i stood up and he grabbed my arm "are you sure" "its just my boyfriend is missing" he looked at me "really" i sighed "yes and if you don't mind i want to be alone" "are you sure" i looked up "yes now leave" "and if i don't" "ugh just leave please" i stood up "good bye" i walked off i went back to the hotel i walked in louis, eleanor, niall, zayn, liam where sitting on the sofa i sat down with them "did you find him" i shock my head "he won't even answer our calls" louis said "so what happened anyway" "harry's ex kissed him in public he told us he loves you and only you were sorry" "oh my god" i got up and went to my room and sat then eleanor came in "you ok" "yep i am fine look if he is not back by tomorrow i will look for him ok" she nodded and i went to bed. i woke up at 9:38 i got out of bed and had a quick shower i got out of the shower and got dressed i wore a white see throw top and shorts i grabbed my toms and walked out i went to the door then niall came out "where are you going" "out wanna come with me" "ok" we left i walked to a courner "niall" i called "yes" i pointed "this way" "how do you know" "well i am guessing" i said we walked to and aly i looked down the aly and i saw a lump on the ground "NIALL" i cried grabbing his arm "c'mon lets look" i nodded we walked to the lump then two men came in front of us "what do you want" one of them said "we are here for a friend" i groaned they looked at me "well lookie here arn't you just the sexiest girl i have ever meet" the other guy said steping closer to me "go away" "why would i" i stepped back "you heard her leave her alone" the first one looked at niall "and what are you going to do about it" the second one grabbed my waist and pushed me to the wall threating to kiss me "NIALL HELP" "mate leave her alone" he said punching the guy that was holding me to the wall the other guy push me out of the road and i fell to the ground i stood up and ran to the lump i screamed when i saw who it was my worst nightmare "HARRY" i screamed and fell to his side "NIALL" he finished with the men and ran to me "what do we do" i cried "i dont know" i stood up and niall wrapped his arm around me i cried in to his chest "we need to do something" i mumbled in to his chest "call the boys and the ambulance what can we do" i grabbed my phone "i will call the boys" i rang liam



"liam you need to get down hear right now its harry we found him in an aly hurry please"

"ok we will be there once we get zayn up"

"ok bye we will call you if the ambulance is already here ok"

"yep bye" i hung up and i neltdown beside harry why dose this always happen to him i thought i kissed his forehead "i love you hazza" then niall came to me "the ambulance are on their way all we can to is wait" i nodded i sat against the wall. An hour later liam ran to us "you guys ok" "yer we are but harry isn't" i said pointing to him louis walked to him "it will be ok bro" louis said el put her hand on louis's shoulder "he will be fine trust me babe" lou stood up and hugged her then the ambulance came and took harry i offer to go with him they agreed i got in "i will meet you there ok" they nodded "bye" they said the doors shut and i grabbed harry's hand "harry if you can hear me squeeze my hand please" he didn't react a tear fall and landed on harry's cheek "please harry squeeze my hand" another tear landed on his cheek then he squeezed my hand "babe i love you please dont ever do that again you scared me" a tear fall on his cheek again i kissed him lightly in the lips the ambulance stopped and the doors opened and i stepped out and they took harry to the emergance doors i waited out side for the guy to arrived, when they got here i took them to the waiting room i pulled my knees to my chest and cried.the doctor came in "you guys are really lucky harry could have died he has many different problems he has a brocken arm two broken ribs" he stopped i looked up "has he woke up yet" i asked "no he is in a coma he isn't to wake in about three weeks but that can be speed by a loved one" "really so i can try" "are you a loved one" i sighed "i am his girlfriend leah" "oh right yes you can" i smiled and i walked into his room where he laid ever so peacefully i walked over and grabbed his hand and started to speak to him "harry please i love you can you try to wake up please" he just squeezed my hand i kissed him i laid my head on his chest i fell asleep.  

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