when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


10. harry's awake. Yay!!

Leah's P.O.V


i went to the window and looked out over dublin ireland the sun was high "harry i really need you to wake up now i can't take it anymore i need to hold me" i turned to look at harry i sighed and walked back to his side and i grabbed his hand and pulled it to my chest then i put my on his and lent down and met his lips "harry please" i looked up to the roof then harry said something "leah baby" i looked down to see his green orbs looking right at me, my heart stopped for a minute "harry y-your awake" i smiled as a tear fall onto his forehead he looked strait at me "yes oh and you are a tease beautiful" i blushed hard "i missed that cheekyness" i kissed him i missed them green eyes looking me up and down i just missed his sexyness i walked out of the room and found a doctor "hey um harry has woke up" i smiled "ok thanks" i went back to harry's room with the doctor following me i walked in and stood back "mr styles i see your awake" harry looked at the doctor "yes i am" i shook my head "do you know what day it is" i rolled my eyes "no i think it is saturday or sunday" "its saturday" "oh right can i walk" "no mr styles you can't even thow your legs arn't brocken" "ok when can i leave" "well if you can still walk good then you can leave on tuesday or wednesday" "ok thanks" the doctor left the room and harry looked tired then he fall asleep i got my phone out and i texted el

to eleanor: hey you guys can come back if you want

from eleanor: ok thanks

i sat on my phone for hours waitting for harry to wake up (from a sleep) i pulled my legs to my chest cause i was getting cold then the door opened and niall walked in with an arm full of food "can i have some Ni" he looked at me and shook his head "no mine" i nodded and brought my attention back to my phone i flicked through my tumblr i took a picture of my self and posted it with a tag 'in the hospital waiting for my boyfriend to wake up' i looked to harry and he stired "niall watch" i looked up to niall he looked to me and to harry "what am i looking at" "harry" "why" "just watch" then harry's eyes fluttered open niall jumped a little "his awake" "yeah he woke like three hours ago" harry looked at me i smiled at him he smirked at me "afternoon hazza" he looked at me to niall "afternoon babe and niall" i looked at niall "hey mate how are you" i smiled "good my stomach hurts a little but i am good" "so the doctor knows your awake" harry nodded "yeah leah told them when i woke first" there was an awkward silence then the door opened then louis ran in and tackled niall "LOUIS settle" el yelled i laughed and kissed harry "what was that for" harry asked then everyone looked to me "no resion" i smiled "i just missed this" then louis came over "so this was you idea kick us out so you could wake harry" i smiled "bacially" we all talked then a doctor came in "mr styles can you stand please" he nodded he swong his legs over the side of the bed and stood up "ok good now walked" he took a step and i tenced up and harry looked at me "babe settle i got this" he said while putting his hand on my shoulder then i stood up "i know you got this handsome" he blushed and walked to louis "hey mate" i looked at him "um...harry...do you mined" he turned to me "what" then liam laughed cause he got it "um...do...you fell breeze" then he looked behined him "yes i do" "harry nice ass you got there" he looked at me "nice boobs you got there" i raised an eyebrow "nope dosn't work my boobs are on display like you ass is" he blushed everone was now laughing the doctor had left harry walked to me "do you want me to put them on display" i shook my head "harry that won't work" he pouted "why won't it" "because you will enjoy it i won't" i smiled he took a step closer to me "yeah like you enjoyed looking at my ass" i laughed "harry, harry, harry i didn't enjoy that apart from the fact you do have a nice ass but not when everyone can see it jez" he sat on the bed and i say next to him he wrapped his arm around me then the doctor cam back in "so harry we have disided to let you go home don't do to much just rest ok" he nodded and the doctor left "Yay your coming home."

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