when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


11. harry is coming home.

When the doctor left I grabbed harrys things while he got dressed i put the last thing into the bag as harry walked out of the bathroom "ready" i said looking up to harry "yep ready" he smiled kissing my cheek he grabbed his bag and put his other arm around my waist we walked out side to the car that was waiting i saw harry blink a couple of times because he hadn't seen the sun in so long, we got to the car and got in it drove off ten minues later we pulled up at the hotel and got out all the fans went mad cause harry was out, harry put his arm around my waist and we pushed our way throw the crowd we got in to the lobby and went to the elevator i tenced up again harry felt it to so he gave me a kiss in the lips the doors opened and we walked out hand in hand to our door to the room we opened it and my mum jumped at me before i could even get throw the door "mum step back please" she nodded we walked in and went to our room harry put his stuff away and i sat on the bed i also got very tired laid back so my back was on the head rest then harry walked out and sat next to me "so you have to start to rest ok" he nodded "but first" grabbed my hand pulling me to the kitchen "what" he went throw his phone and handed it to me it was a message from rebecca i read the messages he told her to stop talking to him she told him that he had to pick out of me or her he choice me obviously "harry you really do love me don't you" he nodded "yes i do you are the best thing that has ever happened to me i really love you" i smiled like an idiot "i love you too babe" i kissed him passionately "c'mon i am tired" "ok" i grabbed his arm and we walked to bed i got ready for my first night in a long time sleeping with harry i pulled my shorts off putting a pear of sweats i took the tank of to and put another tank on it was a little short i walked out of the bathroom to harry pulling his shirt off i dosed off at the site of his perfect abs my knees soon went weak then he looked at me i looked off blushing and smiling i walked to the bed smiling thinking of his abs "sexy" i heard harry mumble i looked down then the door opened i looked to liam standing at the door "yes" i said "um harry simon told me to tell you to rest well ok good night" "well that was nice of simon i thourgh that simon told liam to tell me to leave the tour" i shrugged "now babe why would he do that he knows that you are our hair stylist" "i now it's just ever since you have been with me you have been in hospital a lot more" i sat down on the bed thinging back when he got put in the first time "leah don't cry please" i didn't relise i was crying and that harry was next to me "sorry" i said whipping the tears away "there is no need to say sorry, i understand that i have been in hospital a lot more but i don't care" he gave me a hug i love his hugs there comforting "now lets got to bed" "ok" i climbed in bed and harry put his arm around my waist and i laid my head on harry's chest and i fall asleep smiling      

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