when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


14. day off, what to do

i woke up with harry's arm rapped around my waist, i stretched and wiggled my way out from harry's grip and went to the bathroom, i jumped in the shower and washed my hair and body and before i got out i put my lavender body lotion on. When i got out i wrapped the towel around my body and went to my suit case which i needed to unpack, but i never had time because harry was in hospital a lot, i grabbed my jack wills hoodie and my shorts and underwear and put them on i looked to harry he was still asleep, i walked to the kitchen and started on bacon and eggs, then Niall ran in yelling food "shut up and take a set" i said laughing he stop and sat at the breakie bar "so molly you like her" he looked at the ground obviously blushing "yeah i like her" "that's cute" i smiled and finished the last of the bacon and eggs i sat them on the table "now Niall wait until everyone is out of bed i will be back ok" he nodded with a cheeky grin, i knew what he was going to do when i leave the room "Niall go and wake Lou and El then Liam and Zayn thanks" he ran off i went to my room harry was still out i walked over to him "harry wake up breakfast is ready" he groaned "please baby wake up don't groan at me i don't like it" he opened one eye and looked at me i smiled "get up" i kissed his lips and walked out to the kitchen Niall was sitting watching the food i giggled as Liam walked in "morning" he said "hows dani i forgot to ask yesterday" he smiled "she's great is coming out on the weekend" "really that's great" "yep i cant wait to see her" "i bet i can't wait to met her she seem down to earth and sweet" "oh she is you'll like her and Perrie" "now that's why i need to talk to Zayn" Liam smiled "I'll be back" he nodded "and make sure Niall here eats nothing until everyone is ready" he nodded "ok i sure will" "thanks" i ran to Zayn's room i knocked on the door "coming" he groan i opened the door "morning" "oh morning how was last night" he said with a wink "good" "that's good now you wanted to talk" "yes, who you know when Perrie is getting out here if she is coming out" "um i think is on Thursday why" "well i was planing something for us girls me El dani and Perrie" i smiled "sound like fun" "did i forget to say us girl that means no boys aloud" i smiled he laughed "any way thanks, and breakfast is ready" "i know has Niall eat it yet" "nope Liam is watching him" "I'll meet you in the kitchen" nodded "ok" i walked out as harry walked out he looked at me i smiled "your awake how do you feel" "why were you in Zayn's room" "i was asking him when Perrie was getting out here" "ok good morning" he gave me a kiss on the lips "i love you" "i love you too" i smiled "were you tired from last night" i said with a wink he smiled giving me another kiss on the lips "c'mon breakfast might be getting eaten" he chuckled and we walked to the kitchen Lou and El were there to so was Zayn he must have walked out while i was talking to harry "ok dig in and Niall not to much cause were getting nandos for lunch" he smiled "ok" we sat and eat our breakfast. When we finished i told them my plan for today "ok guys i want to go to the park today for a picnic" "but you said" "Yes Niall i said we are having nandos for lunch which means we are having nandos for lunch what part of that did you not understand" the room bursted into a fit of giggles i rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen to watch the dishes "you know you don't have to do them" "i know but if i don't do them there will be a pile for when we leave next week and plus there are five teenage boys here do you not know that harry" i could feel his smirk he walked up and wrapped his arm around my waist from behind and kissed my neck, i bit back a moan "stop you know that my weak spot" then he started to nibbled at my ear i moaned, god that boy was good, i smiled "harry can you stop so i can do the dishes" he laughed "ok" he unwrapped his arms and walked out of the room i giggled and did the dishes. when i finished the dishes i went to the living room to the boys doing a twitcam harry looked to me and moved the laptop to face me i squealed and ran to my room i sat on my bed and went on my twitter i had some hate but not much and some really sweet tweets i logged off and went on tumblr and took a picture 'i am so bored boys are doing a twitcam what do i do' i looked throw when someone commented 'you do a twitcam' i smiled cause i liked the i idea, i logged out of tumblr and went back to twitter and set up for a twitcam then i pressed play to record "hey guy it's Leah Simmons here i though i should do a twit cam today to answer some questions and please no hate" i looked at the viewers i already had 100 "what is you favourite think to do in you spare time, well my favourite thing to do in my spare time is to sleep or just to catch up with friends, shout out to to harry styles, wait what, hey harry why don't you come up here" next minute the door opened and harry ran and jumped on me "hey get off me you whale" he looked at me "what did you just call me" "harry i am doing a twitcam get off me" i automatic gained 1000 instantly "yes" harry looked at the screen "do you here Leah they want more" "more of what" "this" he said as he started to tickle me "HARRY STOP" i screamed "nope" "PLEASE STOP I CAN'T BREATHE"  i laughed then he stopped and started to poke me in the side "this would be easier if you got off me" i smiled "sorry can't move" "oh you can move you just don't want to" i grabbed his shirt "i think the viewer would like this and so would i" "what are you going to do" "this" i said as i pulled his shirt off "oh that nothing wanna take my pants off to" "yeah not going that far" "how about i take you shirt off uh" "yeah no they would just get scared" i smiled he smiled to and i poked his dimple "your cute when you smiled" i said smiling he smirked "your cute to sorry guys i think its time to say good bye" he ended the video and started to kiss my neck "oh harry" i moaned he smiled "harry, Leah are you guy coming to the park" "fuck me side ways i forgot" i said harry smiled "coming" harry said "ok and hurry" i went to my suitcase and grabbed a tee and i took my hoodie off i looked to harry "what aren't you going to change" "nope" "ok whatever" i put my tee on and grabbed my shoes and put them on "ready" "yep" harry said popping the p we walked out the door and went to the living room there the others where "ok lets go" we walked out to the car and went to a park close by, when we got to he park we got out and i ran to the swings like a little kid i sat on them and started to swing, i soon got bored and jumped off and ran to harry who was sitting on the grass i sat next to him "wanna see me do a trick" i whispered in his ear he nodded "ok" i stood up and ran off doing a cartwheel into flip i looked back to harry he was gob smacked i smiled and walked back to him "wow can you do that in bed" i rolled my eyed "no" i laid down enjoying my time to cuddle with harry i laid my head on his chest while harry wrapped his arm around my waist rubbing my skin where my shirt had creped up i soon fell asleep 


Harry's P.O.V


When we got to the park Leah ran to the swings like a five year old i laughed at her cuteness i walked to a spot in the sun and sat on the grass to enjoy my sun, then Leah ran over to me "wanna see me do a trick" she whispered in my ear i nodded "ok" i said she stood up and ran off doing a cartwheel in to flip the way she did it was amazing she body when she did it i was gob smacked she walked back "wow can you do that in bed" she rolled her eyes "no" she laid down so did i then she moved so she could lay her head on my chest i wrapped my arms around her waist and i rubbed her bear skin where her shirt had creped up, she soon fell asleep, i found my self staring at her she looked so peaceful and beautiful "guys i thing we're ready to go back to the hotel" Liam said looking at Leah, i nodded i picked Leah up and carried her back to the car bridle style cause i didn't want to wake her, i got in and sat her on my lap with her head on my shoulder i got my phone out and gave it to Louis who was across from me "take a photo" he nodded i smiled and he took it and handed my phone back and put it in my pocket then we pulled up at the hotel i got out and carried Leah the hotel room, once we got in i took her to our room i laid her in bed i took her shoes off and changed her to her tank top she was still in her shorts so i didn't bother i let her sleep i walked out and sat with the boys and El who was in Lou's lap "so movie night tonight or what" they all nodded and we talked a bit longer then Leah walked out she looked like a mess but a hot mess "how did me get back here" "i carried you" "oh ok" she walked and sat in my lap "so what are we doing tonight" "movie night" "oh cool" she said rubbing her eye "what's wrong babe" "i have something in my eye" "give me a look babe" i looked in her eye there was nothing "there is nothing in your beautiful eyes babe" "thanks baby" she said giving me a kiss "EWW GET A ROOM" i laughed "what time is it" i looked at my phone "5:56" "ok i am going to have a shower."                 

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