when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


4. brokeup & abused

                    Leahs POV


it was monday morning i woke up early to get ready to pick harry up, oh yeah and me and harry are now offical, so i went to my bathroom to have a shower i got out and wrapped a towel around my naked body and went to my closet and found a tank top that hugged my body, i grabbed my favourite pair of shorts and i didnt bother with make up i brushed my hair and teeth i went down stairs to mom "hey" to my suprise the boys were there "ready" "yer" we went to the car and got in. when we got to the hospital "ok you guys stay ok" they nodded i got out and walked in and went to the elevator i am scared of these things i got up and the doors opened i walked out and went to harrys room i walked in and he was asleep i walked over and kissed his cheak he stired and his eyes fluttered open "morning sleepyhead" "morning" "ready" "yer" i help him up to his feet "you got this" "yer" i felt something bothering him "wait harry is there something bothering you" he nodded "what is it" "i am not ready to tell" "ok you can tell me anything" he nodded we walked out to the car and he got in we didnt talk the hole ride to his place i got out to help him but he shock his head "i dont need help" i turned around and went back to the car i got in as a tear trickled down my cheak i looked out the window "coming in" "yeah" i wipped the tears away and got out and walk in following louis and i took a set then harry left to do something and left his phone i walked over and picked it up "leah what are you doing" louis said "nothing" i unlocked it and he had a message from a girl her name was rebecca

hey sexy xx ;)

then i looked at the messages before that one and one from harry

can we meet up when i get out of here we need to talk babe xx ;)

ok shore cant wait xx ;)

i think i am i love with you xx ;)

i looked up to harry and tears running down my cheak i throw his phone to him and turned and ran away i cant belive he would do that i ran to the door stopped and looked at harry he looked at the ground i ran out the door to the street i ran until my legs hurt i didnt now where i was going i just ran when a car came and pulled up the window rolled down to a man he looked about 34 "hi you ok love" "yer" i wipped my tears away "were are you going" i looked at him "i dont know" he smiled "whats your name" "leah you are" i put my hand on my hip "matthew do you want a ride" my head was not strait right now normally i would say no "yes please" through back to when harry would kiss me and when he said he had feelings for me a tears rolled down as i got in i closed the door and he locked the door "you are coming with me now" "what" i got scared i kept replaying in my head i should not have gotten in this car he guy pulled up at a house and unlocked the car doors i got out and walked in and the place smelt of beer and weed, cokecain well drugs "c-mon this way" he grabbed my arm and pulled me "get me a beer" "excuse me" "get me a bloody beer" "no" then he slapped me "you do what i say" "your not my dad" he punched me "you are under my roof do as i fucking say " i went and got him a beer and walked back "thank you" "dickhead" i muttered "what" "nothing" "what did you say" he kicked me in the leg then punched me in the stomach "tell me" "NO!!!" i yelled "you will fuckin tell me bitch" he kicked me and i fell to the ground and he kick me in the ribs "fine i called you a dickhead" i cried "go to your room now" i ran to a room and locked the door and got my phone i had a miss call from harry louis mom and liam and texts from them too

harry where are you

mom honey where are you

louis leah harry sorry where are you

liam leah where are you come back

i texted liam back

i can't :'( help

what where are you

i dont know

i called Liam in stead

"leah where the hell are you"

"i dont know but i am scared"


"you dont know what this guy has done to me"

then there was a bang on the door "who the fuck are you talking to" "know one" "open the door" "no"

Liam i have to go


then mathew kick the door down "get off that phone" "no" he slapped me and i think liam heard it to "bye liam" i hung up and put my phone away "lets go"  he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the kitchen "now everytime you do something wrong i will punish you" he grabbed a knife and slit my wrist i screamed in pain and fell to the ground he kicked me "next time do what i say, get me another beer" i got up and grabbed a beer or him  and took it to him. three long hours later he was beond drunk and he pulled on my shorts and undie to the ground he pushed me to the ground and pulled his pants down so his dick was show "now suck it" my worst nightmear was coming true i did as i was told "faster" i shock my head "faster" he slapped me let go of his dick he pushed me and forst his dick in me i screamed of pain i was crying i didnt want to get pregant i was to young "stop, stop, STOP" i screamed then he screamed to late he just cumed in me i fell to the floor "go have a shower you dirty whore" i got up and ran to my bedroom and grabbed my phone and ran to the bathroom i ran melissa


"where are you"

"getting abused and raped"


"where mom"


"put her on please"


"mom help"

"what happened"

"mel knows"

"mom where is everyone"


"is harry there"


"put him on please"



"harry you need to help me"

"what happened"

"well not even four minutes ago i wa raped"


"and i am getting abused i got my wrist cut"


then mattew banged on the door

"harry the house in on 24 sprigdale road come get me please and now"

"ok bye" i hung up and got in the shower the water was nice i got out and put my clothes on i walked out and went and looked for mattew he was passed out on the cought i walked to the front door and walked out i ran to the front of the yard as harry pulled up "get in" i got in and harry took me home.   

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