when i meet you

leah simmons is a normal nineteen year old, but when she runs into harry styles of one direction will she fall in love or get her heart broken keep reading and fined out. BTW this is my first hope you guys like


6. *A month later i am not pregnat* the tour starts

i woke up and it was the day before i was to go on tour with the boys and me and harry are going good i am not pergant so that is a bonus i am not ready for a miny me running around i am packed ready to go but u needed to get some more bikinis becuse the one i do have are faded so i went in to do some shopping i went to a shop that sells swimwear i looked throw some bikinis when a girl came up to me "are you harry styles's girlfirend" "yes" "you are a slut that dosent disurve him harry can do better that a dirtbag like you" "thanks but you are just jealous that i have sweet and careing boyfriend and all you can get is a boys that will us a girl like you so leave me alone and live with it" "all i am saying is harry will leave you for me and you will be left with the dirt" "you are not a fan real fans care for the boys and the choces they make my queston is do you" "well yeah i do bu..." "no, no you dont" she walked off and i continued looking for bikinis to wear when i go swimming when i arrived hme i put them in my siutcase. i was packed i had finished so i walked down stairs to talk to mom i sat the table "hey mom" "hey how are you" "good i thourgh i should come and talk to you like girl on girls convo" "oh yea sounds good what did you do down the street" "well i got my bikinis and will i was there a girl came up to me and said i was not good for harry and that he can do better so i flipped out at her" "oh have you told harry" "no not yet" "well good girl and have you finished packing" "yea just then" "oh great" i smiled at mom it was around four in the afternoon andd the flight was at 5:30 so i got my stuff ready mom was coming out on monday it is now Wedensday "you ready leah" "yeah i am going to the boys now" "bye then" i gave mom a big hug "bye" i went to my car and drove to the boys place i got there and walked up the steps and got to the door and knock on it and louis opened it "hey lou" then louis's face became bright "leah" i walked in then they all screamed hi "i feel loved" "guys ready" "yeah" "lets go the take me home tour has now started" we walked out the door to the car and i got in and sat next to harry "hey you havn't said a word to me is something bothering you hazza" "yea" "what is it" "you know rebecca the girl was talking to" "yea" "well she is coming on tour with us" "oh" my face dropped i remember the night i thourgh harry cheated on me and a tear slipped over "babe dont cry i love you and only you" i kissed him "love you too" we got to the airport and the croud there was big we got out and i clunge to harry they signed somethings and a girl courgh my eye she was about three four calling my name "leah, leah" her little voice was adorable i pulled on harrys arm "over there" i walked over and harry followed "hello beautiful what's your name" "laila" she giggled "would you like a photo" "yes please" "would you like harry in it to" "yes please" we posed for her and harry gave her a hug and me being so nice i gave her a kiss on the forehead "thank you" she said "bye" "bye leah" her voice ring we got to the gate and boraded the privet jet i walked on and it was huge the was two long white sofas and a big flatscreen tv six buncks it was cool i went to one of the sofa sat i was tired "i am going to have a sleep do not disturb got it" they nodded i went to the the back of the plane and there was a double bed "mine" said i laid down and fell asleep instently. i woke up to harry next to me asleep i got out of his drip i went to the bathroom cleaned my face i left the bathroom to get some thing to eat and there was a girl on the sofa that scared me i cluched my chest i continued to look for something to eat i made myself a sandwich i came and sat next to her "hey" "dont talk to me" "ok" i moved away to the table she just looked at me i finished and put the plait in the sink i turn around and she was standing behined me "fuck stop that" "stop what" "scaring me" "oh i am sorry that you are a boyfirend stealer" "excuse me what have i dont" "you fucking know" "is this because i am dating har.." she cut me off with a punch in the face "hey why are you hitting me i have done nothing" "oh yes you have you stole my boyfriend so now you die" she screamed she kicked me in the knee i fall down then harry came out "get off her" harry pulled her off me "fucking hell rebecca i told you it was over and i have a girlfirend why take it out on leah" "she is a dirty whore" "i am ring simon" harry left i got up "stay down bitch" she pushed down again the kicked me in the face blood was on my nose and mouth and below my eye was cut and bleeding she walked off and sat down i started to cough up blood louis came in "what happened" and he help me up then harry came back "rebecca you have gone to far you have to get you stuff and when we get to the airport you are going home" she walked over to me " this is your folt bitch" then she punched me again i fell from louis to the floor and i  started to cough up blood again harry came over to me "you ok babe" and he help me up again harry put me on the sofa then the rest came "what happened" they where in shock i couldn't take it anymore i broke down crying harry came and hugged me when i settle down and i could talk "can you tell me what happened" "yes when i woke up i came out here cause i was hunger and she was sitting here and she was looking at me wheni finished making my sandwich and i moved and sat with her and said hey and she said dont talk to me so i left and eat at the table i put my plate in the sink and i turned and she as behined i said fuck stop that and she said i was a boyfriend stealer" i said to tthe boys "i said excuse me what have i dont you fucking know then i said is this because i am dating harry i didnt even get harry out and she punched me i yelled hey why are you hitting me i have done nothing then she she i stole harry then she kicked and i fell to the ground then harry came in" harry kissed me then said "look she wont be hurting you now" i hugged him and went to my room on the plane and fell asleep.     

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