Breanna and Jacob

a love story for you its a real story


3. You Again

Jacobs P.O.V.

I haven't talked to Breanna in three months. I've texted her called her mailed her, even emailed her. NO one emails anymore.. SHE JUST WON'T ANSWER!!!!

So I decided to go visit her best friend Carlie. I drove to her house and when I got to her house I got out of my car and locked guessing I'll be here for a while. I rang the door bell and Carlie answered with a straight face. "What do you what now Jacob?' she asked with the same face. "I wanted to see if we can talk about Breanna she isn't talking to me." "Well no, DUH" she says sarcasticlly "You cheated on her with Some Girl named Rosie." "How do you know her name?" I questioned "She was my cousin, You know what I have to deal with a sobbing girl right now so can you leave please." she asked me. "Wait that sobbing girl Breanna?" She sighed and nodded. "Can I please go talk to her please please please please!!!!!!" I begged. She moved out of the door frame and I walked in and saw Breanna on the couch crying.

Breanna P.O.V.

I heard Carlie talking to someone at the door. Then I heard the door close, I needed Carlie right now to cuddle with. I heard footsteps I thought they were Carlies but i looked up and saw.......JACOB?! "Hey Breanna." he said quietly "H-Hi ." i said a little shocked "It's You again." i said to him He gave me a strange look like I was a one legged dog or something

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