Breanna and Jacob

a love story for you its a real story


2. love doesn't matter

Breanna P.O.V.

Me and Jacob can't be any happier. " I have to go, Bye Babe!" Jacob sid kissing me on the cheek. "okay bye babe." I said with a frown. We were gonna go out to dinner tonight but I guess not. He walked out the door. I sat there for hours thinking what to do while I wait for Jacob to come back. But he didn't come back for an hour.

.......two hours later.........

I decided to do for a walk. I got my white  Tank Top that says 'Luck of the Irsh', a green beanie and some jean shorts. After I got dressed I put on my green vans and my jean stomach jacket. As I was walking I saw........JACOB!!!!!. With another girl. He stoped kissing her and saw me, I had tears in my eyes. I started to walk off when he grabed my wrist and said "Let me explain! PLEASE!" he asked. I just yanked my wrist out of his grip. As I was walking away I said to myself "love doesn't matter" After that I sobbed for three months. Carlie, my best friend helped me through everything. 

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