Erin is 17 and is trying to take care of her 5 year old brother Connor after her father left and her mother overdosed on drugs. She doesn't have time to go to school so she takes classes online. During one of the classes someone messages her but who and will she ever meet him...


2. Starting Over

After work I go and get Connor from school. When we get home I help him with his work and start making spaghetti with meatballs. After we ate I go to my computer and look at apartments. My mother left me the house but I can't bear to live in it with so many bad memories that came with it.

I just got home from school and I see mom on the floor passed out and hear Connor crying, he is only 2, I go to him and help him out of his crib to calm him down. Mother comes in and yells at me to put him down saying I baby him to much. I don't listen because Connor started crying again. I just go to my room and take Connor with me. I try to shut my door but she comes up and gets it before I can. She tells me "Put Connor down". I don't I just try calming him down eventually he falls asleep.

I walk downstairs and see my mom doing drugs and I just snap. "Really you are going to do thins when you have a 2-year-old upstairs sleeping!" "Exactly he is sleeping" She says annoyed. I try to take the needle from her put she slaps me. I fall to the floor in pain. I get up and try again but this time she punches me, now I am furious. I get up snatch the needle from her and run upstairs. I move Connor's crib to my room...

"Sissy" Connor says. "Sorry baby what did you say?" "I said what's you starin at?" He says as I chuckle thinking about how he said what's."Oh nothing, lets go to bed" "OK"

I put him to bed and get the computer to do my online classes. As I a, finishing one of my report my computer *dings*. I check and see I got an IM from some one called coolguy76.
It says 'Hey pretty lady what your name?' I get a little scared because I don't know him he coils be some 40-year-old creeper.
'umm you'll have to earn my name I don't give it away willingly.'
'How might I earn that beautiful.'
'I don't know but in the mean time you can tell me yours.'
'Can I call you Jay.'
We talk for hours and I totally forgot about my paper. I look at the clock and see its 11:00 at night I tell him I have to go and I finish my paper. I can't sleep I just keep thinking about Justin.
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