Erin is 17 and is trying to take care of her 5 year old brother Connor after her father left and her mother overdosed on drugs. She doesn't have time to go to school so she takes classes online. During one of the classes someone messages her but who and will she ever meet him...


7. Meeting Him...

After of waiting what felt like hours but was really only a few minutes I was about to meet THE Justin Bieber. I am ecstatic and also so nervous. The girl in front of me I taking like forever! Oh my gosh I really just want to go smack her because she is taking so long. Ok Erin calm down your better than that.

Yay! She's done. I walk up to him and he has the biggest smile on his face. I look back trying to see if he was smiling at me or someone else but I was the last girl there. "No I was looking at you" he said that in the cutest voice I have ever heard but it sounded like someone I knows voice. "Oh.. Um I'm Erin" I say shyly. "Hi Erin I'm Justin but I guess you already know that" he chuckles. His chuckle is sooooo cute. "How bout we take som pictures, then you give me your number. I smaller so brightly it hurts.

After we take pictures and I give him my number we go outside and hang out. "Hey Erin. Um I have to tell you something" he says. I get nervous. After he says that he shows me his phone number and I recognize the number. I know from.

********** hey sorry it's short I wanted to leave you hanging. Soooo just remember that NO COMMENTS NO STORY**********
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