Erin is 17 and is trying to take care of her 5 year old brother Connor after her father left and her mother overdosed on drugs. She doesn't have time to go to school so she takes classes online. During one of the classes someone messages her but who and will she ever meet him...


4. Getting To Know You

* 2 weeks later *
Justin and I have been getting closer but I still haven't met him. I have gotten a new job at the mall and got a new apartment. My apartment is closer to my job and connor's school.

"Connor wake up and get ready for school!" I yell. "Ok sissy!" Connor yells back. After he comes downstairs we eat pancakes I made. As I'm taking him to school my phone dings.

Justin: hey gorgeous
Me: hey jay
Justin: what ya doin?
Me: taking Connor to school
Justin: oh well text me when ur done
Me: ok

"Bye Connor see u when I pick you up. Don't get into any trouble ok?" "Ok bye sissy!" After I drop him off I go back to my house and look through me and Justin's texts. I have gotten to know him very well. He still won't send me a pic of him so I won't send him one either. He says one day we will meet but he doesn't want me to because he says I will freak out. He knows I'm a bieliber I absolutely love him.

I go to take a shower and get into my pajamas because I don't have to work today. When I'm in the shower I put boyfriend on. When I get in the shower I hear my phone ring. I quickly get out of the shower and run to my room. I see that the call is from Justin. I answer it.

"Hey you interrupted my shower!" I playfully yell at him.
"We'll sorry" he says.
"You should be. How may I help you?"
"I only got you tickets to a Justin Bieber concert but I guess your busy so I'll give them to someone else." He says
"Ahhhh! No way!" I scream.
"Calm down. I'll text you the details later. Bye gurl"

I hang up and leave to finish my shower.
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