Erin is 17 and is trying to take care of her 5 year old brother Connor after her father left and her mother overdosed on drugs. She doesn't have time to go to school so she takes classes online. During one of the classes someone messages her but who and will she ever meet him...


6. Excited

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-All week I have been texting Justin talking about the concert. He said he bought a ticked for Connor so I wouldn't have to pay for a babysitter.
-The day of the concert I wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning because I couldn't sleep anymore. I thought it was to early to wake up Connor so I just checked on him and found him in his bed curled up in a ball with the covers at the bottom of his bed. I cover him back up and go downstairs to watch tv. I turn on the tv and go in the kitchen to get some waffles. As I pop them in the toaster I hear that the news is talking about Justin bieber and his susposive new girlfriend.
-I just ignore it because my waffles pop up. As I'm eating my waffles my phone rings but I have syrup on my hands so I have to use my feet to answer it ,it's Justin. I put it on speaker.
-J: Hey are you excited for the concert
-M: Defiantly! But I'm pretty sure that Connor doesn't care to go. You know you didn't have to but him a ticket.
-J: Well oh well I already bought it. Oh and did I tell you I got you backstage passes they should be in your mail.
-M: Oh my gosh! You didn't!
-J: Oh but I did.
-M: thank you, thank you, thank you!
-J: Your welcome. Well I'll let you freak out about that alone. Bye gurl.
-M: Thank you so much and bye Justin.
-After I get off the phone I start to jump around the room in excitement. Connor comes downstairs and looks at me like I'm crazy. I just keep going because I don't care and I'm so excited.
-It's now 5 o'clock and the concert stars at 7 so I get Connor in a purple shirt and khaki shorts. After I dress him I let him go downstairs to watch tv as i take my shower. After my shower I get dressed in a purple see trough tank top with a black one underneath. Then I put on my favorite ripped shorts. I can't find my black converse in my closet so I search my room and find them under my bed. I curl my hair to where it looks natural and put on some light makeup. After I get done I see that it's 6:30 already and it takes 15 minutes to get there so I decide to leave now.
-When we get there we go directly to our front row seats. I start to think about how much this must have cost justin. What is he thinks I'm using him? Does he not like me because I just let him spend his money on me? But my thoughts get interrupted by the sight of Justin bieber coming out on stage. I completely forget that I'm a 17 year old and start screaming like I'm 13.
-He is about to play his next song when I feel someone tap my shoulder ilook and see pattie and she asks if I want to be the one less lonely girl, I am so surprised I never tough i would be in this position. Of course I agree and she lets me take Connor backstage with me.
-The dancers come over and get me. I go to the stool and sit down, right now I am in tear but tears of happiness. Justin comes over and smiles like he just saw a person he has known all his life. After the song justin leads me backstage and igo back to my seat.
-After the concert I go backstage to meet him, again. When I get back there I see a line of girls and I get in line as well. It's been like 30 minutes and Connor fell asleep in my arms so my arms are tired and there is still 10 girls ahead of me. I sigh and put Connor in a more comforable position. I see pattie walking to me. "Do you want to set him down on the couch over here" she says point ing to a couch. "Yes please. But won't I loose my spot inline if I move?" I ask her. "I could take him over if you would like." she says. "Thank you."
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