The walking dead

So yeah I'm REALLY obsessed w/ the walking dead. I love I so much and I really wanted to write a fanfiction. Hope you guys enjoy!!

Ally is stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Carl Grimes, etc. supposedly she is in love with one of them. And it was Daryl. But can such happy thoughts be afforded in this situation? Will Daryl raise her spirits and bring her out of the darkness? Find out.


2. How it all began

"Shit." I said, looking through my gun scope to make sure I was seeing clearly. The governer and his "minions" were about a quarter mile from the prison yard. They had just made it out of the woods. The governer, looking more creepier than ever, saw me. "Damn." I said, about to run when I heard a gun shot. The gun was pointed at me. The governer had shot me in the back near my chest. I screamed in agony as someone (I assumed Daryl) came by my side and laid my head into his lap. "No no no no no, Ally, stay with me please. No! Don't go. Please." I didn't want to. But the black spots in my vision were getting bigger. I felt blood already drying and crusted my back. Sweat poured down my face and I swear there was no blood at all near my face. I must have been white as Christmas. Daryl held my hand tight. I knew what was happening. It happened to Rick before all this hell. I was going in a coma. I had enough time to say to Daryl "I'm not dying I'm going into a coma." Before I lost my conciousness. I knew I wouldn't wake up for a very long time. 2 years ago(flashback) "Ally, oh my god look at your SAT scores!" My mother called in joy. "Their perfect!" I walked over to the dining room table and glanced at the scores. They weren't perfect, but near perfect. They were a 1530 on each. Maybe I could get a scholarship into my dream college, Harvard (I'm such a nerd.) my mother is a nurse. She works at a hospital downtown and I'm telling you this because its important believe it or not. She says there's some sort of disease going around and it's really bad. But no patients have died from it yet. "Ally, I need you to come to work with me today. I need your assistance with something." I nodded, grabbing my phone. In a few minutes, we were driving down the road in my moms truck. "So, how severe is this condition?" I asked. "Very: patients are getting very very high fevers of 107." My eyes widened. "That's high." I stared at the road. We've been through worse. Once, typhoid came around through our town. It was so bad. Almost everyone in the town had it. And a few people didn't make it. "You know what to do when you get in there." My mother said to me when we pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. I nodded. We walked into the hospital as my mom checked in. "No Daniel today?" The lady at the desk said. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention. I have a brother. I called him "Danny" but ever since the Apocalypse, he disappeared. He was my best friend plus my brother because I could talk to him. I miss him so much. Before all hell broke loose, Danny went off to college. And if he became a walker...I think I would die. But somehow I knew he was still alive. "Let's go, Ally." My mother pushed me into the elevator and pressed floor 4. "Look, I know you miss your brother, but he's not here anymore. Let it go. You need to know how to handle extreme circumstances like this." "But, mom, how am I supposed to let him go if he was my best friend?" The rest of the elevator ride was quiet. When we did get to the fourth floor, it was chaos. Nurses were running around, putting IVs into people. It was all just hell. "Mom..." She already had a nurses mask on, checking on the nearest patient she could. I heard her swear a few times, then I heard, "ones gone!" My glance was now at a nurse who was cradling a patients head in her hands. My mother rushed over to them, taking the patient and putting him on a metal platform. Suddenly his eyes shot open. They were glazed over and they weren't the same color as before. They were greenish brown. And it bit my mother on the arm, tearing flesh out of it. She screamed. "MOM!" I yelled. Then there were more of them. I knew what they were. Of course I knew. I read way too many comic books and make believe shit. These were zombies. I rushed to my mothers side. I knew it. She was already burning up. "Mom." I said, tears rushing down my face. I knew she was going to die. "Mom, do you know where a gun is? An axe? Even a scalpel will work." "An axe in the hallway. You'll find it." She said weakly. "Bye, mum." I kissed her forehead and I rushed to the hallway, finding the axe and killing as many walkers as I could. It must've been at least two weeks before I woke up. I remember being alone. Gasping, I called out, "hello?" I felt dried tears on my face. There was a bandage that wrapped around under my breasts. "Carol? Daryl? Rick?" I called. I heard footsteps. Sighing in relief, I peered out the cell to see who it was. Carol? "Look whose awake." She said, striding into the cell with a confident walk. I could here the jealousy sizzle in her voice. Carol had been jealous of Daryl and I. From the start, she had. "Where's Daryl?" I asked. "On a run." She said, lifting her chin and walking out of the cell. Lies. I tried to stand up but fell down violently. My ankle twisted. I groaned in pain and squeezed my eyes shut, welcoming the new pain that was a result of twisting my ankle back in place. I swore and somehow lifted myself up onto the bed, sighing that I didn't have to move anymore. "Ally?" Daryl's voice. See, I knew Carol was lying. "Hey, Daryl." I said. "Well, shit, you've been gone for a long time." He said, putting a stupid smile on. "You okay?" He asked. "Hell, Daryl, I mean, I feel like a million bucks. I got shot in the back, went into a coma, and can barely stand. Yeah, I feel great." I shouldn't have used that tone with him. "Jesus, that changed you." He frowned. "Sorry, it's just that I just woke up and-" he cut me off. "It's fine. Don't worry bout it. Hell, you must be starving. I'll carry you, I guess." The thought of being in his warm embrace sounded good. But, apparently I thought otherwise. "You don't have to do that. It's fine." He walked over to the side of the old bunk. He was already picking me up. "Nah, ya need somethin' ta eat." I glanced at him, then laughed. Yeah, eating did sound good. Daryl carried me out of the cell and to where Carol and Beth were sitting. With the positive attitude and all, I could still see something was wrong. But I couldn't quite place a finger on it. A/N Im sooooo sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. It's just I thought no one would like this story. Plus I've been really busy with high school and all. I'll keep updating probably every other day. Again, I am extremely sorry. Enjoy:P _Fallen_Angels_
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