This series is about two 17 year olds, Nick and Alyssa. Friends since childhood, these two teens have been through a lot together, but nothing compares to what's about to come. They will have to learn how to handle these newly found challenges and over come all the obstacles that get in their way.

This is NOT made by me, It's a youtube video. I just made a movella out of it! Check it out!


1. The Test of a Lifetime

   What started out as an ordinary night hanging out and watching movies turned into much more. We lost ourselves in the heat of the moment, forgetting about the world around us and only focusing on us. That night, all that mattered was our love.


   It's a beautiful morning, and I was working out to the channel on my television. I could hear my mother talking on the phone. She seemed really interested in whatever they were talking about. Kayla's playing with hamster Moby, talking about how much she loved him. I think Kayla's the only one who loves Moby so much. Even though he's a family pet.

   "Ethan, are you listening?" Krista asked.

   "Huh? Uh, yeah of course I am," Ethan replied smoothly.

   "You know this is our wedding we're trying to plan,"

   "I'm sorry babe, just try to relax. Don't stress too much," Ethan calmed  reaching his hand to her's. "I promise this will be the dream wedding you've always wanted."

   Why have I been gaining so much weight lately? I've been exercising more than I usually do. Not to mention I've been working like crazy this summer. I just don't get it, I thought as I walked to the bathroom in my gym outfit. I took a nice like shower, got dressed in a plaid shirt and some grey jeans, brushed my teeth, curled my hair just a little. I walked downstairs after about an hour of getting ready.

   "Mom, I'm going to work!" I yelled to the kitchen as I walked out the door. She was still on the phone, it must be really important.

   We don't get much business at July's Clothing Shoppe, and I'm getting really tired.

   "Are you okay Alyssa? You don't look good," my co-worker asked.

   "Yeah, I'm just going to get a glass of water," I responded lazily.

   I walked to the bathroom with a cup and got some water. Great, I must be coming coming down with something, I thought as I drank the small glass of water.


   As I got home, my cat, Tilly, was playing with her toy and I logged onto my computer to write in my note journal:

It's been a rough summer to say the least. I've been so busy with work and applications, I've barely had any time to rest. And it's been crazy around here with my brother's wedding approaching quickly. But the worst part is, I haven't seen Nick in a month. He's been at basketball camp all summer.  I'm counting the days until he gets back. This is the first summer we've ever spent apart since we've been kids. I miss him like crazy.

   I logged off the computer and Tilly was still playing with her toy on the wall. I started feeling really sick in the stomach.

   "Oh no," I ran to the bathroom and started to throw up in the toilet. I remembered that night, in the bedroom, where I forgot everything.

   I can't be pregnant! It's not possible! I screamed in my mind.


   I went to my best friend, Sam's house to talk with her. I sat on the floor in her room as she sat on her chair.

   "You honestly think you're pregnant, Alyssa?" She whispered.

   "I have all the symptoms, Sam. What else could it be?" I spoke really quietly.

   "Well there's only one way to find out for sure," She answered.

   "Yeah," I held back the tears.

   I paced back and forth waiting for the result of the pregnancy test. You could hear the tension in Sam's voice.

   "Quit pacing, Lyss. It's getting on my nerves!" She quietly yelled.

   "I can't help it, I'm too nervous," I stopped and looked at her.

   "It's time!" Sam chirped.

   We walked into the bathroom and I couldn't bare to look at it, so I asked her, and she kindly looked. She rubbed her chin thoughtfully and looked at me worried but a little happy.

   "Well?" I asked her sadly.

   "It's positive," she spoke.

   I looked at it, I couldn't bare to speak. I freaked out but I finally spoke after some time.

   "This can't be happening! What am I gonna do?" I shook my head sadly.

   Tilly laid on her bed sleeping soundly. I sat next to my bed still in my clothes. I couldn't believe what happened earlier.

   "What can I do? I'm not ready to be a mom," I spoke quietly.

   I finally fell asleep around 4:00 a.m. and I twisted and turned the whole night. I don't know how to handle this. What am I going to do?




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