This series is about two 17 year olds, Nick and Alyssa. Friends since childhood, these two teens have been through a lot together, but nothing compares to what's about to come. They will have to learn how to handle these newly found challenges and over come all the obstacles that get in their way.

This is NOT made by me, It's a youtube video. I just made a movella out of it! Check it out!


2. Sending The News

   Me and Nick were kissing in my room, around the middle of it. It was romantic.

   "Nick, there's something I need to tell you," I whispered sadly.

   "What is it? You know you can tell me anything, Alyssa," Nick whispered trying to cheer me up.

   "Well... um... I think I might be pregnant," I looked into his eyes, and they turned from soft to angry.

   "What?! There's no way in hell I'm raising a kid right now. Sorry, but you're on your own. Bye!" He snapped kind of sassy.

   "But... I..." I couldn't spit out what I wanted to say.

   I woke up suddenly. I was so relieved! I rubbed my eyes, still laying in bed. It was just a dream. I fell back asleep.


   It's raining outside, literally pouring. It's August, so of course it's raining. Tilly looks very comfortable in her bed. My alarm clock sounded like a thunderstorm. I clicked the snooze button, and looked out my window, watching the rain fall. I ran to the bathroom, and got sick. Of course I had morning sickness, the most wonderful pregnancy sickness ever. Mom had made her coffee and Ethan and Krista were eating at the breakfast table. Kayla was watching television in the living room, I guess she already ate breakfast. Ethan and  were talking about the wedding. I think I'm getting sick of it. 

   I dressed in a star tank, and some dark grey jeans. Mom was cleaning the counters in the kitchen.

   "Morning, Mom," I spoke.

   I snuck into the fridge and grabbed some juice.

   "You're up early," She said switching into the stove to clean.

   "I told you mom, Nick is coming home today. Don't you ever listen?" I questioned.

   "Sorry Lyss, I got a lot on my mind lately," she whispered.

   "I know mom, I get it." I rolled my eyes, "I'm going to Nick's, I'll be back later."


   I arrived at Nick's house and it's really quiet. Nick's mom is reading. His little sister is doing her homework I guess. Their dog, Shadow, is chewing on his bone. Sam and I are talking.

   "So are you gonna tell him, Alyssa?" Sam asked me.

   "I don't think now is the best time," I played with my fingernails.

   "You're gonna have to tell him sooner or later," She protested.

   "I know," I slouched back in my seat.

   A car pulled into the driveway. I was so excited that I was going to see Nick.

   "He's home," Sam yelled throughout the house.

   We got up from the couch and walked into the entry hallway. The door opened, and in walked Nick, and his dad.

   "Geez, I though it'd never stop raining!" Nick laughed.

   "Welcome home, sweetie," Nick's mom hugged him tightly.

   "Welcome home, Nick," I squeaked.

   "Alyssa, I missed you so much," he hugged me so tightly I could barely breathe.

   "Welcome home, little bro," Sam and Nick hugged lightly.


   We went to a nice diner down town for lunch.

   "Aren't you hungry, Lyss?" Sam questioned.

   "Not really, I ate a big breakfast," I lied shaking my head.

   "Are you okay?" Nick sounded worried.

   I felt really sick, about to throw up, "Nick, I have to get out!"

   Nick got out of the seat, and I got up, and ran to the bathroom of the diner. Nick seemed really worried and suspicious. I washed my hands quickly.

   "I feel like crap," I felt my forehead, but I didn't have a fever.

    "Alyssa, are you okay?" Sam walked into the bathroom.

    "I guess," I looked at the floor.

    "You need to tell him," Sam said angrily.

    "I know," I held the tears back.

    We got home and I sat in the bean chair. I started to play with my hands, I knew I had to tell Nick sooner than later.

    "I'm sorry I ruined your 'welcome home' lunch," It was quite awkward in the room.

    "Don't worry, I wasn't that hungry anyway," Nick said cautiously.

    "Nick... I...." I couldn't tell him.


    "I... uh... I'm pregnant." I squeaked again. I was so scared, I was hugging myself for support.

    "Are you sure?" He looked at the floor.

    "I took the test, it was positive," I crossed my arms.


    "I'm sorry Nick! This is all my fault! I should have been more careful!" I started to cry, I couldn't hold my tears in any more.

    "I'm at fault too. You don't have to worry, Alyssa. We can handle this," Nick trying to comfort me.

    I sat on the couch for a while, sitting in the dark. Then someone walked in, I couldn't tell who at first.

    "What's wrong Lyss? Can't sleep?" Krista asked smoothly.

    "I have a big problem Krista," I answered.

    "Can I help?" I think she became worried, I could hear it in her voice.

    "I'm pregnant," It was the easiest time to say it.

    "Oh, wow."

    "No one else knows except Sam and Nick. I don't think I can tell my parents," It sounded stupid after I said it.

    She sighed, "You'll have to tell them eventually. But I'm here for you Alyssa, I'll help you."


    Nick sat in his room, next to his bed. He was depressed. I don't think he took the news that well.

    "I can't believe this is happening. I don't know what to do. How am I supposed to react?"

    Sam knocked on his door, "Nick, are you okay?" How can I help him? She thought.

    Nick didn't answer Sam, I don't think I can handle this.


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