Harry and the "Louzer"

First day to a new school for, the new unpopular, Skylar Renson, when she catches the eye of two dashing young men but with two totally different persinalities and opinions on practically everything. The two boys turn out to be brothers but they're falling for the same girl. Will she fall for the handsome player or the romantic nerd?


7. I might like Skylar

We were playing and Louis and I were beating them so badly. I couldn't help but laugh because Perrie kept tripping and knocking Zayn over. I decided to go and hang with Dani so it would at least be an even match.

I jogged over to Dani and took a drink of my water. she smiled and asked, "How many times can one girl fall!" We laughed so hard because Perrie had warn 6 inch heals to play football in.

I sighed and said, "Nice one." while I gave her a high five.

"Thank ya, thank ya, thank ya very much." she said in a Elvis voice. With that we started laughing.. again.

I looked over at Louis and he looked like he was having so much fun. He scored and I heard Harry curse under his breath as he ran by.

Without thinking I yelled Harry's name, in shock he looked at me and smirked. I rolled my eyes and turned to talk to Dani.



2 hours later

Louis pov

I was sitting on the couch next to Skylar and it was getting kind of late I could tell that she was getting tired so I went to go get her a blanket.

When I came back she had fallen asleep. I took the blanket and covered her up and sat back up next to her and continued watching the X-Factor as I hummed along to Hey There Delilah, when I felt something hit my arm. I looked and  saw her head, so I took my arm and put it around her, I smiled as I realized how cute she looked when she was asleep.

I picked up my phone and texted my mom and asked if she could stay the right since she had fallen asleep. Fingers crossed..

I got a message and I bit my lip. She replied and said, " Yeah, as long as its okay with her mum."

I said, "Thanks."

 Then I picked up Sky's phone and she had three new messages from her mom. So I sent to her mom, "Ma'am this is Louis and I was wondering if she could stay the night since she had fallen asleep."

She sent, "I don't know, I worry. What did your mom say?"

"She said it's fine and she can stay in the guest bedroom."

"Okay then. I will be over there in a minute with some clothes for her."

"Thank you." I replied and shut the phone. I sighed a happy sigh. What are you so happy about Tommo? My head mocked me.

I looked over at Skylar and tried to think of ways I could move, without waking her.

I decided to just go ahead and move her, so I picked her up bridal style and carried her down the hall. When we got to the room I opened the door slightly to make sure no one was in there. To my surprise no one was in there, so I continued on and walked over to the bed and layed her down she started to wake up and I didn't know what to do so I started singing Hey There Delilah softly. She smiled and went back to sleep. I walked slowly out of the room and shut the door and I went to go play some "call of duty" with Dani and Liam.

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