Harry and the "Louzer"

First day to a new school for, the new unpopular, Skylar Renson, when she catches the eye of two dashing young men but with two totally different persinalities and opinions on practically everything. The two boys turn out to be brothers but they're falling for the same girl. Will she fall for the handsome player or the romantic nerd?


11. Harry


Harry's POV 

I'm in my room laying on my bed, thinking at how beatifuly Skylar's voice is when she sings, when I hear Skylar and Louis voices coming from the living room. I got up and opened my door and peeked my head out the door and heard Skylars voice, that sounded like she was almost in tears. 

I walked into the living room and saw Skylar and Lou yelling at each other. 

"What's all the commotion about?" I asked. 

Still looking at Skylar, Louis snaps at me and says "Nothing!" 

I was starting to get mad myself now, "We'll apparently it's something or you wouldn't be yelling!" 

Now looking at me he yells at me "I said it was nothing, butt off!" 

I hear Skylar whisper something inaudible. Louis turns his head back to Skylar and says/yells, "What?" Right in her face.

"About which bother I chose!" She yells right in his face. She turns toward me and runs at me and down the hall almost in tears....

I looked at Louis and yelled," What did you just do!?!" And then I ran after Skylar.

Louis POV

Harry is right, "what did I just do?" 

I just made the best girl in the world, the prettiest girl, and the girl I love cry. 


Skylar's POV


I ran into the guest bedroom, where I had woken up earlier, and collapsed onto the bed and started balling my eyes out. A couple minutes later I heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Louis, I yelled, "GO AWAY!!!" 

"Please let me in, Skylar" I was surprised to hear Harry's voice instead of Louis...

I got up off the bed and slowly walked to the door, still in tears. I turned the lock on the door and opened it to see Harry standing there.... Seeing him made me cry harder and I leaned into him and he wrapped his arms around me. I was crying into his chest and we stood there for what felt like forever. I cryed until my eyes were dry. When I was done crying Harry lead me over to the bed and sat me down on his lap. I leaned my head on his chest and we sat there in silence for a couple minutes, before he started silently singing "moments" (by one direction), in my ear. I smile and look up at him. 

He stops when I look at him... "You know you sing amazingly."

He smiles and says "Thanks" 

I lean my head back down on his chest and he kisses the top of my head and continues his song...... 






Sorry we haven't updated recently but school has just started and other stuff but anyway hope you like.... Comment: team Louis or team harry!!!! 


Love you guys!!! Thx for all the comments and likes! 

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