Harry and the "Louzer"

First day to a new school for, the new unpopular, Skylar Renson, when she catches the eye of two dashing young men but with two totally different persinalities and opinions on practically everything. The two boys turn out to be brothers but they're falling for the same girl. Will she fall for the handsome player or the romantic nerd?


8. Dancing in the Dark

Skylars dream


I was in the schools gym wear there was a dance going on I was sitting at a table with Dani and Perry. We were talking and drinking punch , when Zayne came up to Perry he was playing with her hair ,and was trying to get her to dance. Dani and me were laughing at how he was doing a pathetic job of asking her.

Thats when I felt some one tap on my shoulder I turned around ,and saw Lou he smiled and said," Hey".

I shyly smiled and said," Hey" back.

" You look great."

I smiled and said," Thanks."

there was silents for a second, until he started poking me in the side. I swatted my hands at him to get him to stop ,because it tickled.

Dani laughed and told him to stop messing with me.

He pouted and said," sorry" but after he said that he was all smiley again. He took the seat that was next to me ,as the D.J welcomed Niall to the stage to sing. The lights where dimmed and Niall,  strummed his guitar to the melody to little things as he began to sing. He looked around to see perry and Zayne dancing. When he tried around ,he say me walking away.

I thought that the only way he could quit annoying me is if I ignored him. I was almost to the hallway when I saw Louis running after me, he jumped in front of me and said, " The only way you getting past me is if you dance with me."

I laughed and said ," Unless, I fight my way past you" playfully karate chopping his arm but when I pulled my hand back he caught my wrist and spun me around making me fall back in to his arms. I smirked and said, "Smooth move Stylenson"

 He smirked and said," Now you have no choice but to dance with me."

I shook my head ,yes and I followed him to the dance floor, I placed my hand on his shoulder and he put his on my side. With my free hand I grappled Louis and put it out in front of us. We began to waltz. He was a very good dancer, he was sweeping me off my feet literally and figuratively. He spun me around and lifted me into the air it was the perfect dance. As the song ended he dipped me back. I closed my eyes trying to absorb the fact that I just danced the with the perfect guy.

When I opened my eyes ,I was laying in a bed with the lights off. I got up so I could go find Lou. I opened the door to the hallway which lead to Lou's room at the end. Peeking in I saw Harry on his computer. He looked up before I could close the door.

I thought in my head all crap, I had to open the door to Harry's room out of all the people in this house it had to be him.

I looked at him and said," Sorry."

" It's okay you can come in if you want?"

I didn't won't to be rude so I pushed the door open and walked over ,and I sat next to him.

We started to talk about how my first day was and what my favorite song was. I told him that it was little things.

He smirked and said, " Why that song?"

I told him that," It applies to the fact that people should be cherished even if they have quirks ."

He smirked and said," I can see why you like that song. The only thing that can make that song better is if a girl sang it.".pointing that commit to me clearly.

I said," no ,I don't sing ."

" Why not?"

" Because I'm to shy. " I remarked.

He said ," Would it make you feel better if I turned my head because I'm going to get u to sing."

I shook my head yes and remarked, " If I have too.". He turned and I hummed the toon and began to sing.

" Your hand fits in mine like it was made just for me, but bare this a mind it was meant to be and I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me."

When he turned around I shut up. I said sorry ,and started to walk out the door but he stopped me first.

He said," There's no reason to be sorry it was..... Good."

I smiled and continued to go looking for Louis. 




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