Harry and the "Louzer"

First day to a new school for, the new unpopular, Skylar Renson, when she catches the eye of two dashing young men but with two totally different persinalities and opinions on practically everything. The two boys turn out to be brothers but they're falling for the same girl. Will she fall for the handsome player or the romantic nerd?


12. authors note

so guys I was thinking about deleting this movella I jus don't see it going much further. If I don't have any comments or anything on this story I might it delete with in the week! When I wright a book id rather it be fun to wright and I cant wait to update again but with this one me and my sister jus don't have fun updating it and think it would probally be best to delete.

if anyone has any other options or would like me to keep the movella comment... and if I keep it id like y'all to leave ideas because I have gone brain dead with were I'm going with this movella!

thx for everything I guess we'll see with in the week what happens! :/

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