Harry and the "Louzer"

First day to a new school for, the new unpopular, Skylar Renson, when she catches the eye of two dashing young men but with two totally different persinalities and opinions on practically everything. The two boys turn out to be brothers but they're falling for the same girl. Will she fall for the handsome player or the romantic nerd?


6. An Afternoon at Louis'

"Look who it is!" Harry screamed and ran over to my car. Go away. Go away. Please go away.

My mom said, "Wow. He's cute!" and she raised her eyebrow. Harry came over to my door. I glared at my mom trying to say, "No mom.. No." But she didn't get it. He opened my door.

"Hello Skylar." Harry smiled. Something about that smile sent shivers through my body. Gulp.

"Hi." I said. "Sky, aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend?" My mom said and smiled.

He's not my friend..

"Harry, this is my mom. Mom, this is Harry." I said and they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you ma'm. Now I know where your daughter gets her good looks from." He winked.

He's charming, you can't deny it. I blushed unintentionally.

My mom smiled and said, "I'm Janet."

"Well, I will see you later Mrs. Skylar's Mom. We have a lot of work to do." Harry said and grabbed my hand. For a few more seconds. Until mom goes away..

"Okay, she's gone. What was that?" I asked angrily.

"Um. I was being nice..?" He said hurt. His eyes, looked so pleading. So.. Needed. Shut up Sky. He's a jerk!

I coughed, "Oh. I see." I said sarcastically. He smirked as if thinking that my attitude was hot, I gave him a discussed look.


Louis pov

 I was playing football with my lads when I saw Harry flirting with Skylar, now that crossed the line.. Considering he has stolen the attention of like most of my friends.. Such as Niall and Perrie and I definitely wasn't going to let him take Skylar away from me. I ran over to were they where standing and heard the last part of their conversation.

"Okay she is gone. What was that for?" she said angrily.

"Um. I was being nice...?" He said acting hurt from her remark. He had those pleading eyes and he looked like he needed someone but from growing up with him I knew it was an act.

Skylar's facial expression looked as if she was falling for it but her expression change quickly changed and she coughed and said "Oh. I see." You could tell she was saying it sarcastically.

He smiled at her as if saying that he could see that she almost cared that she hurt his feelings. She gave him a disgusted look and I took that as my cue to join.

I stepped in the conversation and gave Skylar a hug with my head turned toward Harry I mouthed the words, 'Leave her alone.'

"It's great to see you." I said to Skylar. With more flirtatiousness then planned, then I pulled away from the hug.

"Let's go play a bit of football.. You think can we beat these pricks?" I said to Sky as looking at Harry.

"Yeah. I think we have a fairly good chance considering they don't like getting their feet dirty." she said while glaring at Harry as if telling him that she wasn't interested in anyway what so ever.

"I'll take that match." Harry said confidently with a smirk.

We than take off toward the others to regroup with our teams.




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