Things In Life

Hello ! I didn't had idea what to write about , and finally made this ! This movella is about things in life that happens to me (maybe to you) and share them if you feel identified , it talks about family , body , friends , school , love and yourself :)
I don't have too much experience on this , and my english might be a little strange , 'cause I'm from Chile haha :P
Well , hope you really like my movella ! If you put "like" and be "fan" of mine , I would appreciate it so much ! (if the movella is good , for sure)
Good reading time !


2. Family: why do they put me those ridiculous hours ?

You: Going home when everybody is hanging out... going home EARLY , and in the next day your BFF tells you: "OMG you missed the best part when ... " Oh , I REALLY feel like Cinderella !!!! 

My advice: At the beginning , I felt the same as you , but I got those advices and passed that step ! Hehehe 

1) If your parents put that "ridiculous hours" as you said , think about the certain reason to have them. 

2) For example , if your parents ask you to go home at 11 PM , and , if you return 12.30 AM , they'll think that you're JUSTLY a feckless girl. 

3) Trust must be earned by example. Try to go home by the time your parents decree. Pretty soon they'll notice that you're a mature girl , and you'll gradually notice that they became more flexible ! :D 

4) Don't think that your parents don't understand you. They were both young too , and maybe they had worse problems than yours. (did you asked them ?)


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