Things In Life

Hello ! I didn't had idea what to write about , and finally made this ! This movella is about things in life that happens to me (maybe to you) and share them if you feel identified , it talks about family , body , friends , school , love and yourself :)
I don't have too much experience on this , and my english might be a little strange , 'cause I'm from Chile haha :P
Well , hope you really like my movella ! If you put "like" and be "fan" of mine , I would appreciate it so much ! (if the movella is good , for sure)
Good reading time !


1. Family: my sister , the best... (for my parents , of course)

You: My sister always does everything with my parents , this is unbearable !

My advices: 

Jealous , maybe ? 

1) That may be just what you perceive, but may it doesn't conforms to reality.

2) Did you talked about that with your parents ?  Maybe they don't have any idea !  ;)

3) The problem couldn't be that she's the best , but she might collaborate more than you at home. Otherwise , you must talk to them. A huge inquity !

4) In addition , you must live under the same roof. So you should stop fighting and accept your differences. We all have strengths and weaknesses that make us different. ;)

5) Check out: with how many people can you fight in all the world ?  You just wanna fight with your sistah ???? :0 



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