Catching a Wave

Can getting trampled by a wave be a good thing?


1. It's just the beginning

I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing, birds chriping. Sounds like the waves are calling me. Yes, I live by the beach, it's a great thing because I can go surfing everyday. Well today is a Saturday, so I have the whole day to surf. I make my bed, grab my swim clothes and run into my bathroom. I brush my hair and put it into a tight ponytail, do my business then change into my bikini and surf shorts then run out of my room to eat breakfast.

"Morning sweetie. Going surfing early today?" My mom asks. I nod. "Yeah, I heard there's gonna be some big waves today" I say while getting cereal out of the cabinet. "Be careful when you go out there and don't get into or make any trouble" My mom says.

I pour the cereal and the milk into my bowl and sit down. "Mom, I will be careful and I won't make or get into trouble" I say then start eating my cereal.

"Okay, but still. A mother needs to worry about her children" My mom says. "Thank you for worrying but I'll be fine" I say. "Make sure. And at 2, you gotta come home, we have to set up for a party tonight. It's your little brother's birthday today" She says. I finish my cereal and say "Oh yeah, where is that little guy anyway?"

"He's at the park with your dad right now" My mom says. "Oh okay" I say as I put my bowl into the sink and wash it. Then go upstairs and brush my teeth. I then spray a bunch of sunscreen so I don't get sun burned.

I grab my sunglasses then run out the door and grab my surfboard. Swimming in the water already is Harmony...she beat me to the ocean. Shocking. I run to the water and lay down on my board till the waves actually come out.

Harmomy comes above surface "Hey girl, going to surf again?" she asks. "definitely, I always look foward to days like these when there are huge waves" I say. Harmony looks around and says "I don't see any waves" "No durr, they come out later, that's why I'm just chilling" I say

"Jeez, you don't need to be a sourpuss" Harmony says. I stick my tongue at her and wait a while.

After about 45 minutes... Waves start to go, and sooner or later huge waves form. I paddle towards the wave but it's not like what I was used to. It was much bigger. I tried to surf it but I failed and got hit by the wave. Hard.

My head started to hurt. I was still underwater and someone pulled me up, thinking it was Harmony. I open my eyes and see a boy, my age standing in front of me. "Thanks for helping me out of the water." I say

"No problem, it looked like you got hit hard, I'm Conner by the way" He says. "Avery" I say. Conner was about to speak until a girl came up to him and said "Come on babe, we're gonna eat". "Okay" He says "I'll see you around Avery!" He says while be pulled away by his girlfriend

I wave and go find my board. Harmony is sitting on it. "Hey Avery, I saw you and that guy over there" She says winking
"He has a girlfriend Harmony and we just met, he just helped me get up" I say. "Suree...I bet you, he's gonna dump her and come to you" Harmony says

"Yeah right, she's pretty, and she looks nice" I say. "Nice? Didn't you just see her pull that boy away from you?" she asks. "Harmony, let it go. And let's just enjoy the rest of the beach day. Oh and are you coming to my brother's party tonight?" I ask

"Sure, I got nothing better to do" Harmony says. "Great! Now...Is today finally the day where you would learn how to surf?" I ask. "Nooo...I'm not gonna learn how to surf" She says

"Yes, you are" I say. "What do I get in return?" She asks. "The accomplishment of surfing" I say. "Lame" Harmony says. "What do you want?" I ask. Harmony smiles evily "To get the permission of you to date a guy that I think is perfect for you" "Which guy?" I ask with a confused face.

Harmony smirks...shit, someone I despise. "Trey" Harmony says. My mouth drops, he's a player, he surfs like I do but he's a total perve and player. "No way, I rather just not teach you" I say. "Come on girl, don't be a wimp." Harmony says. "Harmony, you are evil" I say.

"No I'm not! Atleast not fully evil" She says. I roll my eyes playfully "How am I friends with you?" I ask. "I'm just trying to help you!" She yells. "Not really" I say. "Oh yeah, we're visiting California for a few days" Harmony says.

My jaw drops "What?!?" "Well...if I learn how to surf you gotta date the guy" She says "No way" I say. She sighs "Fine, I can't force you" I smile and say "Yes!" then I run to the water to go surfing again.

Harmony shakes her head and I stick my tongue out at her.

After an hour or so, I walk with Harmony to my house and we immediately clean up, and change into nice clothes. Then, we run downstairs to see my mom cooking. "Mom! We're ready to help out!"


How's the story so far? Tell me what you think. I love you guys <3 -Lovely Protector

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