Blooming into great friends

This is about how two strangers came together to become the best of friends and part of an amazing family. ~Lauren

I love my Aunt Lauren so much!! �� She's so wonderful and I'm so glad we met! 2 strangers you think..... Oh yeah sure........ More like my best friend!! ~Keely


2. A life changing opportunity

Keely's POV

While playing outside with my neighbors, I was pushed on a bicycle into a metal fence causing a gash in my chin that required many stitches. My father took me to the hospital as soon as possible and since I was so brave my dad offered to take me to get ice cream as a reward. We went to McDonalds.......yum!! �� While there I saw my Uncle Ronnie and noticed that he was with somebody. He introduced me to my future best friend..... Which was his girlfriend, Lauren.

Lauren's POV

At the time when he saw his brother-in-law and niece he took me over to be introduced. Taking those few steps over felt like a lifetime because I was so nervous. His brother-and-law stepped out of the car first to introduce himself to me. His name was Sean, he was really tall and he made me SUPER nervous. He then opened the slide door to the van, and out jumped this sweet little 5 year old girl with a big ice cream cone and a BIG smile on her face! Even though this girl was so tiny and sweet who knew she would become my best friend!!
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