Blooming into great friends

This is about how two strangers came together to become the best of friends and part of an amazing family. ~Lauren

I love my Aunt Lauren so much!! �� She's so wonderful and I'm so glad we met! 2 strangers you think..... Oh yeah sure........ More like my best friend!! ~Keely


1. Strangers

Lauren's POV

My name is Lauren Knox. I come from a family of 5. My older brother was friends with this guy Ron Philip. The first time that I ever saw him was when he was blocking my car in my driveway. I screamed at the blocker saying "MOVE!! I have to get to my car..... I have work!" When he rolled down the window to apologize I saw that he was hot! And then nicely said "can you please move your car." At that time he had a girlfriend but when I found out they broke up I texted him and said "hey this is Lauren now you have my number feel free to call me so we can hang out." So when he did call we spent a lot of time together. Spending this time created an opportunity to meet my future best friend!! :)

Keely's POV

My name is Keely Greene. At the time I came from a family of 4, soon to be family of 5. Being only 5 I played a lot!! I was outside trying hard not to get hurt... Well that's kinda hard haha!! Well while spending all that time with my Uncle Ronnie, there came an opportunity. A wonderful, life changing opportunity to meet my best friend!
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