Kissing In A Thunderstorm

Reese Bradley and Cameron Saunders. They were childhood best friends, and were such good of friends that they even became related by blood; they pricked each other with rose thorns. But then it all changed. Cameron and his family left for Cebu City in the Philippines, Reese thought she'd never see her best friend again. But, after two years in a foreign country, the Saunder's moved back to Laketown. Everything had changed though, and not just with Reese's baby sister being born and her Dad moving out. Something had changed between Reese and Cameron. Their chemistry, it had evolved into something most people call romance.


5. Chapter 5

Reese's POV



There's a couple walking down the street. They're probably about fifteen or sixteen, they're holding hands, and then they kiss. EW!!!!


"Ew!" Me and Cameron exclaim at the same time.

"I swear I am never ever in a billion years kissing a girl," Cameron says. "Except my Mommy when she has a boo-boo."

I nod. "Me either. It's disgusting."
Cameron nods. "Mmm hmm. Good thing I don't think we have to worry about that for a long time."
"Yeah we're five. We have a long time."

Cameron nods again. "Mmm hmm." He says again. "I'm never ever kissing a girl," he repeats.

"Me either," I say.



Reese's POV



But, who would of known that here we are in the middle of the lake behind my house, that we would wind up with each other? We've been best friends for as long as we can remember, I never liked him like that. Sure, I liked him as a BFF. I thought he was the bestest friend ever, but now? I can't help but get butterflies when I look at him. What happened? What changed in those two years, that sometimes seemed like forever, but was really only 750 days? It was only 2 Christmases, 2 Easter's, 2 birthday's and 2 4th of July's. How much could of changed? The answer? Everything.



Some people say change isn't good. Some people hate change. I, am typically one of those people. I hated it when the old elderly couple down the road moved out, I hated it when my Mom got a new job, I hated it when I transferred from elementary school to middle school. I even hated the change that brought good things, such as Chailyn (SHAY-LYNN) being born, or my dad moving out. Those both lead to good things, me having a sister, and having a worthless person out of my life. But, the one change that I haven't hated, at all, is Cameron and his family coming back home. But honestly, I didn't really care about Penney and Leonard coming home. Sure, they're very nice friends and I love having them here, they're like my second parents. But Cameron is all who I care about. I like this change, in fact, I may even love this change.




Soon, my Mom calls me and Cameron in for ice cream and apple crisp. We all sit at the table, and since during dinner we mainly discussed Penney, Leonard and Cameron's adventures in Cebu, now the conversation has tilted to my family, with the hot topic being me.

"So, Reese, any new things to share?" Leonard, Cameron's father asks. He's never been much of a social butterfly exactly.

I shrug. "Not much."

"Are you still doing track?" Penney asks, taking a bite of her apple crisp.

I nod. "Yep, we've got summer off though. But, I still run to keep in shape."

Leonard nods. "Yeah, I've been trying to get Cameron into sports."

"Dad, you wanted me to join an all Filipino futbol team. I hate soccer. And I now like what, maybe two hundred words in Filipino?"

"Eh, you don't need more then that to communicate with," Leonard says.


Cameron nods. "Sort of do Dad, but now that we're back in the states. I might try out for the baseball team."

Leonard nods approvingly, then he turns to me. "So, Reese. Have you got yourself a boyfriend?"

My mom laughs. "No, Reese isn't interested in dating. Are you Reese?"

I don't respond for a second, not exactly sure how to answer this. So I shrug. "If the right guy comes along, maybe. But for now, no."

I see Cameron's emotion go blank. I didn't mean what I said though, because I think Cameron is the right guy.




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