Kissing In A Thunderstorm

Reese Bradley and Cameron Saunders. They were childhood best friends, and were such good of friends that they even became related by blood; they pricked each other with rose thorns. But then it all changed. Cameron and his family left for Cebu City in the Philippines, Reese thought she'd never see her best friend again. But, after two years in a foreign country, the Saunder's moved back to Laketown. Everything had changed though, and not just with Reese's baby sister being born and her Dad moving out. Something had changed between Reese and Cameron. Their chemistry, it had evolved into something most people call romance.


3. Chapter 3

Reese's POV



"Come on Momma, I wanna take a bath with Cameron," I say.

"No Reese, you're 7 years old. It's not cute and little anymore," Mom says. "You can take separate bathes."

"But we're best friends," I protest.

"It doesn't matter," Mom says. "It's not appropriate anymore."

"What does appropriate mean?" I ask.

"It means, it's not happening and Cameron can take a bath off at his own house," Mom says.

"Bye Reese," Cameron says waving.

"Bye," I wave to Cameron.



Reese's POV



There's no point in getting out of the water anymore, I'm already drenched. So I swim instead, and float onto my back. Cameron comes up behind me.

"I've missed you," he says.

"I missed you too," I say. 


I splash him with the water, and then he splashes me back. As I wipe the water out of my eyes, and try to wipe under my eye the running mascara, a soft and delicate hand is placed on my cheek, his fingers grasping my wet hairline. Then, before I can open my eyes, his warm, wet, delicate lips brush over mine.


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